Creativity and Persistence Help This Duo Achieve Steady Growth as InXpress Franchisees

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The Comby Family Uses Their Business Expeirence to Grow Their InXpress Franchise

Meet Kit and Katwing Comby (above), the InXpress Franchisees of the Year for 2020. Kit and Katwing joined InXpress in 2018 upon purchasing an existing franchise. In three years, the duo tripled their revenue and built their franchise into one of the most productive InXpress systems. In addition to Franchisee of the Year, the family-owned business has received multiple awards in its early stages, including highest margin growth, highest freight margin, the second-highest number of activations, and placed third for highest retention.  

Their customer retention is one of the top in the network because they blend “old school” customer sales methods with in-person meetings and new age technology for visibility and real-time updates. They make it a point to meet the majority of their clients, shake their hands and find time to visit with them. 

Business Experience

Kit and Katwing are no stranger to owning a business. They have opened and run numerous small businesses over the last 20 years, beginning with Overnight Solutions, Inc. — a logistics company in Venezuela working with Oilfield clients. Prior to InXpress, they owned a similar business called Freight Savers Express before pivoting to a car manufacturing firm called Texcalibur Armor, L.L.C. From there, the Combys bought land in Ecuador to run a teak farm, which had been their main focus before purchasing InXpress Houston. Their sales and logistics background prepared them with the knowledge to maximize profit opportunities and continue to carve out a particular niche market line to sell the shipping services to.  

Steady Growth

Since embarking on their newest entrepreneurial endeavor, the Combys have grown their business into a team of four with plans to add another salesperson. Together they have acquired long-term clients from all across the U.S., with recurring shipping needs. 

Kit and Katwing agree that there is no secret sauce, but they believe that to be a successful InXpress franchisee, it’s about creativity and persistence. Once there is an understanding of who and where the potential customers are going to come from, the growth potential is endless since they are able to sell the services anywhere in the U.S. From there, it’s getting those contacts to trust you with their first shipment and then nurturing that relationship. 

Ensuring Success

While it can be challenging to run a business with your spouse, the Combys rely on effective communication for an efficient operation. The two don’t have strict set tasks that they delegate, but are self-starters are highly motivated to establish positive customer relationships. Kit refers to Katwing as the best salesperson he knows.

Why InXPress?

High earning potential: The InXpress business model is fully scalable so franchise owners can grow and develop the business at their own pace.

Respected relationships with global carriers: InXpress has secure contracts with trusted world-class carriers and access to competitive rates. Existing relationships provide franchisees the freedom to concentrate on building a business.

Comprehensive training and continuous support: Franchisees hit the ground running with thorough training and ongoing support.

Innovative software: The company’s powerful proprietary software combines an automated shipping platform, a franchisee business management program and a franchise performance tool.

Minimal overhead and startup costs: Franchise owners can work from home and start the business with no additional staff.

Owner-driven success: This is an ideal opportunity for goal-oriented self-starters.

Value proposition: Franchise owners offer a highly discounted service to individually owned small to medium-sized businesses.

A Unique Franchise Opportunity

No restricted territories: Each franchise has a primary marketing area that includes at least 10,000 potential businesses to call on in person, but franchisees are not restricted by any exclusive territories. That means they can sell anywhere in the country.   

White-collar business: InXpress is not a shipping franchise or a pack-and-ship retail store. It’s a white-collar, third-party, business-to-business logistics company. 

No shipping industry background needed: People with sales and consultative skills are a perfect fit for InXpress ownership. The InXpress business model is based on creating residual income from customers with ongoing shipping needs. Franchisees connect customers to the right carrier and make a commission from every shipment.

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