Company Encourages Franchisees to “Be Amazing” Online

Daily life for many Americans has been turned upside down. As customers and entrepreneurs find themselves increasingly isolated from friends, family, and coworkers, one company is doing everything it can to bring normality back for Americans.

Scooter’s Coffee, the Midwest-based drive-thru coffee chain that has been growing throughout America, is finding new and innovative ways to serve both its customers and its franchisees during these times of uncertainty.

Tim Arpin, Vice President of Franchise Recruitment for Scooter’s Coffee, says that the company’s unique business model gives it the chance to be a bright spot in troubled times for its customers.

“We have the ability and are positioned to put something positive into our communities,” Arpin says. “That’s what our franchisees and our baristas have been delivering through that drive-thru window.”

Serving Reliability in Uncertain Times

For entrepreneurs, the latest restrictions have the potential to also put a damper on the franchise ownership process. “Discovery Days” are the culmination of a franchise purchasing process that may traditionally take weeks or months.

Scooter’s Coffee is finding exciting new ways to connect with prospective franchisees by taking its Discovery Days online. The new digital events are called “Virtual Be Amazing Days.” Arpin says it’s all a part of maintaining a sense of business-as-usual while providing prospective franchisees with something they can eagerly anticipate.

“We have to continue to move the business forward,” he says. “We also want to give our prospective franchisees some sense of normalcy and something they can look forward to and plan for their future.”

The virtual setting made some franchise candidates more comfortable, which encouraged them to speak up and ask more questions than usual.

“I talked to a franchisee who said she asked a lot more questions because she didn’t feel as intimidated,” he says. “She felt emboldened to ask some of those questions that maybe she wouldn’t have asked in a larger group.”

Continuing a Solution-Driven Approach Through Technology

When asked if the “Virtual Be Amazing Day” is something that Scooter’s Coffee will continue, Arpin said that the company will continue to follow the guidelines as laid out by the CDC.

“We’re going to continue to be good stewards and good citizens. We’ll find a way to leverage technology to continue to move the business forward… for our investors, our franchisees, and our customers.”

Arpin says that other businesses should be inspired by the success of the “Virtual Be Amazing Day” and find their own ways to continue to care for their communities.

“I would hope that people take away that we all have an opportunity to create a sense of normalcy and stability for the people around us, and to not be afraid to be creative and create that atmosphere,” he says.

The next “Virtual Be Amazing Day” for Scooter’s Coffee franchisees is currently planned for April. 

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