Common Email Marketing Problems Franchisors Face and How to Fix Them

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Email Marketing Best Practices for Franchisors

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Modern franchisors face three challenges in email marketing. The first is unique content for localization and the franchise’s ability to create, measure, and optimize. The second is a centralized system with assets and lists that will allow hyper-personalized campaigns to drive engagement and ROI for each location. The third is fragmentation, sharing brand assets, a marketing calendar and having control over templates and offers.

Expert Andrew Kordek works with franchisors to provide solutions to common email marketing problems. As vice president of customer engagement, support, and marketing at iPost, he delivers creative, custom email marketing strategies for franchise brands. Here, he weighs in on email marketing best practices for franchisors and shares iPost’s unique services.

What are Some Email Best Practices for Franchisors?

At a minimum, franchisors need to look at the sign-up experience for new subscribers, understanding and tracking email-centric vs. business-centric metrics while having a solid test-and-learn mentality for iterative innovation and optimization. Best practices are franchise-specific and not industry-specific. What works for one franchise might not work for another, even if they compete.

What Should Franchisors Know about iPost Services?

iPost provides a platform for the franchise to be successful in marketing via email and SMS text messages. On average, the team supporting our clients has 21 years of experience in email marketing. We understand the uniqueness of our clients and are committed to guiding optimization.

How iPost Works

ipost email marketing for franchise
iPost offers convenient ways to implement email marketing campaigns throughout a franchise system.

iPost offers franchisors one place to support corporate or franchise-owned locations, one place to train and onboard new franchisees and one area to grant and restrict user permissions to everyone.

iPost allows marketers to share and manage assets, templates and emails instantly with franchise locations. A drag-and-drop editor allows for locking down and then distributing them. Franchisors can check email renderings across locations for the perfect email every time.

Franchise Marketing Solutions

ipost email marketing for franchisors
iPost delivers creative solutions to common email marketing problems.

iPost solves the problems franchises face when running email programs – consistent branding and fragmentation all wrapped up in one location. Franchisors get detailed reporting to manage all accounts easily with the insights needed to optimize strategy and ROI.

iPost’s Email Marketing Services

  • Deliverability: When it comes to email marketing, nothing else matters if you can’t get to the inbox. iPost is proactive in its approach rather than reactive when things go sideways. iPost has a team of deliverability experts and tools ready to take on any challenge.
  • Strategy: Every email strategist at iPost has sat in the client’s seat before. From life cycle to segmentation and personalization to acquisition strategy, iPost helps its clients get to the next level.
  • Technical: The team at iPost is always looking for innovative ways to make its client’s program/strategies work. From API’s to integrations and everything in between, iPost can help implement even the most complex email programs.
  • Creative: Beautiful creative may look amazing, but it may not always work. iPost’s creative team designs email not to win awards, but to ensure that they convert. iPost uses data to influence designs, and the team is obsessed with testing to improve over time.
  • Development: Sending an email is not just about pushing buttons to get it out the door. iPost helps companies develop a clear process and can provide a dedicated marketing technologist to help.
  • Analytics: iPost helps its clients understand data and draws insights and conclusions on where to go next. iPost builds custom dashboards and reports for clients of all sizes. Then iPost uses the data to help make the findings actionable.

Email Marketing Stats

There are an estimated 4 billion email users. This figure is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. Brands have noticed, and 37% are increasing their email budget. Thirty-three percent of marketers send weekly emails, and 26% send emails several times monthly. Email marketing revenue is expected to be almost $11 billion by the end of 2023.

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