Clean Juice Sweeps Franchise Business Review Benchmarks

Brand Sentiment Shines Bright as Leading Organic QSR Exceeds Across Entire Franchise Industry

Clean Juice®, the nation’s first and only national USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise, today shared results from its first Franchise Business Review (FBR) survey measuring franchisee satisfaction. The popular, fast-casual brand reported more than 75 percent participation from its franchise partners nationwide demonstrating a vested interest in its continued growth and product offerings. Clean Juice exceeded benchmarks in all franchise industry categories, including food & beverage, QSR, and retail, earning a total franchise satisfaction index (FSI) of 75 percent.

The FBR survey lands as the brand’s popularity continues its march toward becoming a household name in markets across the nation. Built on product quality and an affinity for exceptional customer service, Clean Juice’s franchise development program gained momentum as the country put the global pandemic in its rearview mirror. In the early months of 2021, Clean Juice launched into several new states, including five new multi-unit franchise partners in Connecticut and Minnesota, along with its first store in Nevada. Clean Juice is now in twenty-eight U.S. states while existing franchise partners secure multiple Arizona, Florida, and Texas locations.

According to the FBR survey, Clean Juice ranked highest in respect (86%), team culture (85%), honesty and integrity (85%), and product and service offering (84%). Clean Juice exceeded QSR averages by more than 6 percent, retail by more than 7 percent, and more than 8 percent in the food and beverage category. Clean Juice’s FSI was 6 percent higher than 2021 FBR benchmarks across all industries.

Clean Juice recognizes the contributions and dedication of the Clean Juice Nation’s spectacular line-up of franchise partners. From former NFL Super Bowl heroes to hard-working single mothers and a diverse group of people from all backgrounds who value American entrepreneurship and receive the shared vision behind the Clean Juice brand philosophy of “healthy body, strong in spirit” (3 John 1-2).

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