City Kitty Offers Franchise Opportunities for Business Owners in the Lucrative Pet Industry

City Kitty, an exclusive cat grooming spa, is pleased to announce franchise opportunities in the pet industry.

City Kitty is a spa focuses on pampering your kitty in a serene, spa-like environment providing them with dedicated and loving attention while they receive personalized care based on an individualized assessment on every visit.

At City Kitty®, they care about the whole cat — mind, body and spirit – as they believe in a holistic approach for the care of your cat and see beyond the needs of their hair.

Their groomers are experts on feline behavior, handling and grooming – and their interaction with kitties during the grooming process is a critical part of the process.

The pet services industry has been targeted as a growth industry for many years. One of the keys to this growth is the change in status of pets in the lives of families all across the United States.

Despite the fact that the economy is still battling back to normalcy, a continued increase in status of pets in the family for an increasing number of families throughout the US, has driven more and more pet loving families to purchase quality, rather than quantity, products and services for their pets.

According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet market is the second fastest growing retail industry (second only to consumer electronics).

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