Cinch I.t. Launches National Expansion Plan

Cinch I.T., one of the fastest growing I.T. service providers in the United States, is launching a national expansion plan to provide tech support to businesses navigating the abrupt shift to remote work.

The franchise provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level I.T. support at the fraction of the cost of an in-house I.T. branch, and its support services have been utilized more than ever during the pandemic. The Massachusetts-based brand plans to expand to cities across the country and open as many as 12 new locations in 2021.

Despite small to midsized businesses across America needing to cut costs throughout the pandemic, Cinch I.T. has lost zero customers due to the increased demand for the I.T. and cloud computing solutions needed for remote work. The brand’s support calls tripled as businesses adapted to remote work and needed quick solutions to help employees work seamlessly at home. Cinch I.T. gives small businesses the opportunity to use the knowledge and resources of an I.T. team of over 40 people at a fixed and low cost.

Cinch I.T. said what makes their brand stand out for both customers and franchisees is its “secret sauce” – a centralized support system, Cinch Central, which handles over 80-90% of all I.T. help tickets. This support system brings confidence to both the customer and the franchisee – the customer knowing that there is a large team of people who can handle their needs at any time, and the owners of the different locations knowing that they will have plenty of time to focus on connecting with local businesses and will only have to do onsite repairs a small percentage of the time. At Cinch I.T., the franchisees enter every client conversation and interaction with the full support of Cinch Central at their back.

“What we’re seeing right now is that in-house technicians are struggling to handle the increase in I.T. responsibilities that come with remote work,” said Rick Porter, President of Cinch I.T. “We have been able to show businesses how important the support of a large-scale I.T. department is. Small and midsize businesses are increasingly dependent on technology but lack the personal expertise and resources to manage it themselves.”

The brand provides remote and on-site computer support, and services include I.T. support plans, network security, backup/disaster recovery, cloud computing, cybersecurity software, tech consulting, and more. Looking to provide support to businesses across the country, Cinch I.T. is currently looking at Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Georgia for expansion, and is seeking out franchisees to open up their own Cinch I.T., with the support of Cinch Central. While most franchise opportunities depend on the local owner to operate most aspects of the business, Cinch I.T.’s hand-on approach offers centralized client support, tech consulting, 24/7 network and hardware monitoring, hardware and software sales and distribution, and centralized billing.

“As we look to expand across the country, our main goal is to continue to have a lasting impact on every business we work with,” said Porter. “We are looking for franchisees who are excited to make a difference and help get Cinch I.T.’s extensive offerings out there to businesses in their local communities.”

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