Chef Chelsea Gumm Sets New Culinary Standards at Flour Power

Chef Chelsea Gumm's Journey with the Flour Power Franchise

The Former Culinary Arts Teacher Infuses Creativity and Expertise Into the Cooking Studio Franchise

After 18 years as a high school culinary arts teacher, chef Chelsea Gumm joined Flour Power as the director of culinary experience. As an educator and a chef, she is bringing even more creativity and excitement to the innovative cooking studio brand. She outlines the details of this exciting role and shares what it means for Flour Power franchisees.

What are Your Responsibilities as Director of Culinary Experience?

My job encompasses everything a customer will experience. I oversee the development of our hands-on cooking-class curriculum, designed to cater toa wide age range of participants, from 2.5 years to 100 years old. My goal is to create a learning environment that is not only fun but also enriching. The other key element of my role involves training, from onboarding new franchise owners to providing ongoing professional development and training assistance for their hourly employees. Those tasks include:

  • Providing comprehensive training on our curriculum.
  • Sharing effective teaching strategies that engage participants of all ages, making learning both fun and impactful.
  • Equipping franchisees with the cooking skills needed to lead a variety of classes, from one-hour sessions to all-week camps.
  • Offering ongoing support and professional development in all of these areas.

What Changes Are You Making at Flour Power?

In 2024, our mission at Flour Power is to enhance and expand our curriculum and the variety of experiences we provide. We’re committed to refining our approach and making our educational experiences even more deliberate and impactful. This means not only revitalizing our existing programs but also ensuring that every class, workshop and event align closely with our educational goals and deliver on our promises to participants.

Additionally, we are excited to extend our reach beyond our traditional audience by developing a broader array of offerings for corporate clients and adults. This expansion aims to make the joys and benefits of cooking accessible to a wider community, as well as fostering team-building, personal development and culinary exploration among a more diverse group of participants. We focus on creating meaningful, engaging culinary experiences that resonate with all age groups, reinforcing our commitment to education, community and the art of cooking.

Describe the Flour Power Experience.

Flour Power franchise business

The Flour Power experience is a unique, skills-based journey into the world of cooking, designed to engage participants of all ages— from toddlers to seniors — in a warm, inviting atmosphere. At Flour Power Cooking Studios, we believe that cooking is more than just following recipes; it’s an opportunity to explore, create and learn valuable skills that extend beyond the kitchen.

Please Share Some of the Recipes/Dishes that are made at Flour Power.

The most popular item we make is pizza, but we have a wide variety of offerings that cover cuisine from all over the world, allowing our culinary creators to experience foods from other cultures. We also cater to a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences. We are nut-free and seafood-free.

What Do Children Learn at Flour Power?

Flour Power franchise business

Our curriculum is designed not just to teach cooking but to enrich lives through a fun, interactive learning experience that prepares children and adults for a lifetime of healthy living. By participating in our classes, workshops and camps, attendees not only learn how to cook but also acquire skills that benefit them in all aspects of life.

About Flour Power

Flour Power is a nationwide cooking studio franchise with a mission to cultivate a love for cooking that enhances well-being. Studios offer diverse culinary experiences, from classes and family events to team building and parties, empowering individuals to savor the joy of food and create their best lives.

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