We Are in the Business of Changing Lives

Nutrition Zone was founded to serve, educate and empower the community by improving the quality of our client’s lives.

From inception, Nutrition Zone’s customer service and sincerity has been at the forefront of its growth. This is realized through highly educated Franchisees and NZ Team Members who share our goal of making a positive, meaningful impact in our communities.

Nutrition Zone, the Premier Sports Nutrition Retailer, currently has over 25 stores in the U.S. that provide premium service and premium products at extremely competitive prices.

The Right Industry

It’s no secret that sports nutrition is growing at an exponential rate, but you may be surprised to hear, according to Forbes, that 2012 revenue equaled $32 Billion, and in a short time it is projected to surpass $60 Billion!

Everything around us, from the proliferation of gyms (24hr fitness, LA fitness, Crossfit) to the increasing awareness of health consciousness (Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s, low calorie menus) is boosting this industry boom even faster.

And on the other side, the US population becoming more obese than ever, busy lifestyles and the increase of  health care costs, are also driving consumers into this industry, and into Nutrition Zone stores.

The Right Opportunity

Nutrition Zone has Franchising opportunities open in key territories across the U.S. for individuals who are as passionate about helping people, and grabbing hold of their financial freedom, as we are at Nutrition Zone.

Nutrition Zone is the fastest growing sports nutrition retailer not only because they have the best looking stores, superior products, proven franchise systems and passionate reliable support, but Nutrition Zone also has one of the lowest start-up entry investment costs in the industry. Low entry cost equals rapid industry leading ROI.

It’s simple. Nutrition Zone gets it. Lower investment cost with superior service and great products and knowledge…equals…
value. Nutrition Zone has the right formula for anyone interested in the sports nutrition, health and wellness industry to own his or her own business.

The Right Team

With over 75 years combined experience in franchising, brand building and operations, and 10+ years of perfecting the
Nutrition Zone store model, the Nutrition Zone team has skillfully tested and proven the Nutrition Zone business model in the most demanding markets in the country.

Nutrition Zone is proud to have the best and brightest on its Executive Team, individuals who have created and obtained
phenomenal success in the Franchise and Consumer Goods industries, bringing with them a level of professionalism, insight and skill set not found in any of their competitors. This group includes: Founder & CEO Joseph Eckstrom, with over 20 years of business management in the sports nutrition and fitness industry. Partner & President Trenton Ulicny, a serial entrepreneur who has founded and managed his previous companies to outstanding financial success and brand recognition, including TY KU Sake & Spirits. And Greg Ferrell and George Huggins, founders of Conehead Investments, Inc, who pioneered over $100 Million in sales with their management and support as Area Developers with franchise standout Cold Stone Creamery.

The Right Support

Nutrition Zone invests heavily in systems, as it is the backbone of success. This can be found in Nutrition Zone’s Point of Sale System, Product Ordering, Warehousing and Logistic capabilities as well. Thanks to these systems, processes and investment, Nutrition Zone can focus where it matters, on serving their franchisees and helping you grow your business.

Nutrition Zone has also developed the benchmark for training in the sports, health and wellness industry with NZU:  Nutrition Zone University.

NZU is a combination of in-classroom and online instruction that is used to fully teach, train and empower Nutrition Zone’s Franchise Partners. One of the core values at Nutrition Zone is SERVICE, and Nutrition Zone knows that extended knowledge in diet and supplementation will allow you to help serve your customers, driving loyalty and profits. NZU is continually adding courses and classes to keep you up to date on the latest information in the industry.

On the marketing front, Nutrition Zone’s marketing provides your customers and you with cutting edge, innovative, and relevant campaigns and materials. At the forefront of Social Media inside the nutrition and wellness industry, Nutrition Zone maximizes every dollar utilizing the latest technology, strategies, and partnerships to communicate and influence carefully identified core demographics. Nutrition Zone’s knowledge and experience allows them to target local markets as well, capturing new customers and driving foot traffic, providing you the support you need to win!

Join the Nutrition Zone Team

Live Your Dream!

If you feel you are ready to live your dreams, and have what it takes to make those a reality with our team, Nutrition Zone welcomes you to take the next step toward Nutrition Zone Franchise ownership.


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