Buddy’s Home Furnishings: A Legacy Built on Relationships

Buddy's Home Furnishings is Ultimate 'Business in a Box'

Rent-to-Own Retailer Thrives as a Recession-Resistant Business with a Focus on Family Values

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Buddy’s Home Furnishings CEO Michael Bennett attributes the company’s long-standing success to its family-like culture. “Buddy’s has grown to where we are today by establishing and nurturing one relationship at a time rather than one transaction at a time. It’s all about valuing connections, whether it’s with customers, vendors, fellow franchisees or the amazing support team.”

Buddy’s Home Furnishings has always been about helping families. The rent-to-own furniture retailer offers affordable payments on home necessities such as name-brand furniture, electronics, appliances and home accessories. The company has a 61-year history of proven success in its industry and continues to withstand good and bad economies as an essential, recession-resistant business.

Buddy’s Home Furnishings CEO Michael Bennett
Buddy’s Home Furnishings CEO Michael Bennett

Buddy’s promotes its franchise offering as a “business in a box” that includes support in every area of the business. Bennett is proud of the opportunities it brings. He loves the franchise model because it goes beyond just business. “It’s a community of people who genuinely care for one another’s success. Franchising is built on the principle of supporting one another to ultimately benefit the group as a whole, like a family. When we help one another out, we collectively thrive,” says Bennett.

A Happy Family

Through his time at Buddy’s, Bennett has enjoyed celebrating life events with his team and their families and watching them thrive. “I’ve seen team members grow from running deliveries to running their own multi-unit Buddy’s empire — it’s a joy to see. Buddy’s actively nurtures a healthy ‘business family’ culture.”

Buddy's Home Furnishings franchise

Bennett describes the company’s annual leadership conference as a fun and inspiring event that brings everyone together. “It’s a time to celebrate, learn, plan for the future and just have a great time. This culture makes people proud of what they do and who they do it with.” He says his team is hard working and fun loving. “We’re a bunch that knows how to work hard and have a good time! We like to say ‘Buddy’s is Better’ for many reasons, but mainly because we truly believe in our people and the service we provide to communities all across the nation.”

What is Rent-to-Own?

Buddy’s Home Furnishings capitalizes on the rent-to-own (RTO) sector, which represents a thriving $12.6 billion industry, according to the company’s website. This industry offers consumers the opportunity to acquire essential items through manageable payment plans, alleviating the burden of extended financial commitments. Originating in the 1950s, the RTO field emerged to cater to customer desires for accessing household goods without accruing debt or endangering their family’s credit standing.

For more information about the Buddy’s Home Furnishings franchise, visit https://buddysfranchising.com/.

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