British Swim School Dives Into International Water

Established in 1981, British Swim Schools has become a leader in teaching children as young as three months old the fundamentals of swimming through a gradual, gentle and fun process. Founder and CEO, Rita Goldberg, a former national swimmer, has created a proven system that has been launched to franchisees in America and is now expanding to international waters.

Retiring from swimming after getting married and having children, Goldberg quickly fell back in love with the sport when asked to help organized a swimming club in Manchester, England. Meeting with an old coach, a proverbial light switch went off in her head when she saw the pool he had built in his garage for giving lessons. Goldberg then took it upon herself to do the same, and thus her rendition of swimming lessons began.

Moving to the US in 1991, Goldberg opened her first British Swim School in 1993. Catering to young children and less experienced adults, the courses provide the basics of swimming with patience and care. Growing from one concession in a fitness center to opening her own building and additional pools in shopping malls and warehouses, Goldberg built four indoor pools before moving her concept into pre-existing facilities.

Once British Swim Schools began spreading throughout the states, Goldberg started thinking about franchising. However, rather than have franchisees build their own pools, she’d encourage them to use underused community pools, making it possible for them to invest without the expenses involved in building an indoor pool. In October 2012 British Swim Schools became an official franchisor and today has 11 franchisees, across five states, operating in 35 to 40 pools, teaching around six thousand pupils a week. Purchasing a demographical area that fits the school’s requirements; 10,000 to 15,000 children in the necessary income bracket, franchisees decide how many pools in their area they wish to occupy.

Looking for franchisees that are energetic and friendly, these individuals need to recognize the business’ potential to achieve maximum reward. Last year British Swim Schools’ highest grossing franchisee reached over $625,000. Most importantly, franchisees need to have a passion for what they are doing.

Along with a quick return period and high profit margin, British Swim Schools’ franchisees benefit from a proven system and the simple enjoyment of the business itself. Provided with finite training, lesson planning and scheduling, franchisees are taught how to run their business, market it, and computerize it using specialized software. Continuous follow-ups, annual conferences and bi-weekly phone calls are all forms of the company’s ongoing support.

While excited about their growth in the US, what has Goldberg most thrilled is their recent invitation to join an elite group of franchises through merger company ULUSLARARASI ÇOCUK ÜNİVERSİTESİ in Turkey. Approached last June at the International Franchise Expo, British Swim Schools has agreed to open their first international franchise in Adana, Turkey this October.

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-Jessica Spoto

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