Bango Bowls Franchise Tees Up a ‘Better-for-You’ Menu 

Bango Bowls Tees Up a ‘Better-for-You’ Fast-Casual Restaurant

The Casual, Quick-Service Restaurant Aims to Share Nutritious, Innovative Meals in More Communities

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Roughly six years ago, Ryan Thorman and a group of his friends began their revolt against the typical meals at fast-food restaurants. Yes, big-name chains offered ultra-quick service. Yes, the food was filling. And, yes, it was inexpensive. What it usually was NOT was healthful. Thorman and his team set out to change that with their restaurant concept, Bango Bowls, which delivered a “better for you” option for the entire family.

It’s a casual, quick-service restaurant conceived with the intent to sell highly nutritious, delicious, innovative meals. Thorman and his compadres opened their inaugural eatery in a small storefront in Massapequa Park, N.Y., selling acai bowls, cold brew and oatmeal. They found big success with their small menu.

After that first location took off, the brand opened more Bango Bowls locations, expanded its menu and introduced the concept to more markets on Long Island and in Westchester, New York, where it once again found a following. “Today Bango Bowls is proud to have seven corporate locations, and we’re offering the opportunity to franchise,” says Thorman, CEO of the thriving brand. 

Bango Bowls CEO Ryan Thorman
Bango Bowls CEO Ryan Thorman

Bango Bowls’ Diverse Menu 

It has proved to be a crowd-pleaser providing quick service with a diverse, health-focused menu. “Customers love Bango Bowls because of the variety in our menu and our commitment to great customer service and the quality of our food,” Thorman says. “The combination keeps them coming back time after time.” 

We continue to innovate and strive to provide a better-for-you menu for everyone.

The menu features salads, warm grain bowls, poke bowls, acai bowls, avocado toasts and flaninis. (And, no, flaninis are not a custard-like dessert; they are flat-bread sandwiches with craveable ingredients such as chicken, avocado, bacon, cheese, roasted red peppers, hard-boiled eggs and tasty sauces.) Bango Bowls’ salads aim to be a cut above, with romaine lettuce, chicken, shrimp, Parmesan cheese, roasted corn and housemade taste-sensation dressings. 

The restaurants’ cold bowls are equally tempting, with tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple along with granola and berries. The menu’s warm grain bowls serve up, for example, seasoned chicken, feta and goat cheeses, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, quinoa, roasted corn and brown rice, spiced up with roasted red peppers, pickled onion, chipotle crema and more. “We continue to innovate and strive to provide a better-for-you menu for everyone,” Thorman says.   

Acclaim for Bango Bowls

Bango Bowls’ groundbreaking menu and fandom has been noticed nationally. The company was recognized in QSR’s 40/40 List for 2023 and Fast Casual’s respected 20 Fast Casual Brands to Watch. 

Bango Bowls franchise

Thorman says Bango Bowls wanted to keep growing via franchising, which “offers an opportunity for others to become their own Bango Boss.” Bango Bowls will back up franchisees with its proven concept and a supportive, responsive corporate team that includes Chief Development Officer Eric Meyer; Scott Rudin, director of franchise operations; Lauren Neiderfer, regional operations manager; Bill Lutcha, director of operational development; and Marketing Manager Jamie Stoss.

Pluses for Bango Bowls Franchisees

The Bango Bowls franchise has been designed with an emphasis on simplicity and scalability. The concept requires a footprint of only about 1,000 to 1,200 square feet and it has a hoodless kitchen, both of which help to minimize costs. Operators can expect an initial investment of $250,000 to $500,000 per location. 

Franchisees will receive intensive training and operational support, marketing assistance, a detailed store-opening plan, and access to various cutting-edge systems that streamline store operations. “We are 100% committed to using technology for optimal restaurant efficiency,” Thorman says. 

Ideal Bango Bowls Franchisees

He outlines two types of ideal franchisee candidates. “They can be owner-operators who want to own a local business and immerse themselves in their communities, or they can be multi-unit operators who understand what’s needed to operate several restaurants, both the necessary infrastructures and the nuances that are required for multi-unit operation.” 

All Bango Bowls franchisees should have enthusiasm for the brand and its mission to serve healthful food expeditiously. They should possess the ability to build and operate within a team as well as a dedication to excellence in customer service. Franchisees should also be committed to serving their communities. “Positivity, skill and teamwork shape our foundation for collaborative achievement and shared goals,” Thorman says. 

Bango Bowls’ Expansion Plans

Bango Bowls franchise

The Bango Bowls franchise is initially targeting expansion within the Long Island and tri-state area markets. “We’re excited to keep growing the Bango Bowls concept and become the leading national brand in the better-for-you restaurant category,” Thorman says. 

The brand’s leaders have set a goal of launching about 50 locations during the next five years. For more information about a Bango Bowls franchise, please visit

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