Are Virtual Networking Events Here to Stay?

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Network Lead Exchange Offers a Unique Franchise Opportunity and Efficient Networking Platform All in One

Once upon a time, the only way to participate in a business networking group was to endure mandatory in-person meetings, and pay hefty fees for services that you didn’t necessarily need. Network Lead Exchange (NLX) is changing all that. The online networking and referral group provides a custom platform for its members to send and receive referrals and commissions. For B2B business owners, networking is a must. NLX provides a more realistic and efficient way to do it—especially with the onset of COVID. “We were pandemic-proof before COVID-19 ever surfaced. Our franchisees can run the entire business virtually,” says Austin Titus, President of Network Lead Exchange. Network Lead Exchange is part of a family of franchise brands under the umbrella of United Franchise Group.

As a franchise opportunity, NLX is completely unique. It serves as an add-on revenue stream for current (B2B) business owners. It also replaces their existing networking group. “This is a no-brainer for B2B owners,” says Titus. “Most B2B’s pay for a networking group anyway. NLX replaces that expense, plus it brings in additional revenue. Franchise owners are able to get a quick ROI,” he says. NLX is fairly new, but already has a strong following and happy franchisees. We talked to two of them about their experiences with the brand. 

How Network Lead Exchange Works

Network Lead Exchange franchisees make money by providing a sophisticated, virtual networking platform for local businesses. 

Membership: For each member who becomes part of their group, Network Lead Exchange franchisees earn monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual membership fees (approx. $699/year per member).

Royalties on commissions: Franchisees receive 10 percent of any commissions that are exchanged through the platform. For example, say an accountant sends a software developer a referral. After the software developer completes the job, he will send the accountant a $100 commission. The franchisee receives ten dollars of that commission and the accountant keeps the remaining $90. All commissions are customizable and no commissions are required. Licensed professionals must follow the appropriate state regulations in regards to sending and receiving commissions

Growing existing business: By adding Network Lead Exchange to an existing business, franchisees gain an automatic networking platform to grow their core businesses. This eliminates the need for—and expense of—memberships at traditional networking groups.  

Benefits of Network Lead Exchange

Network Lead Exchange might be one of the best-kept secrets in franchising. It offers a way for B2B owners to network and create a whole new revenue stream. Here are some key points to consider:

The perfect candidate for NLX is a B2B owner. As an add-on franchise, it adds a new revenue stream and a networking group for business owners.

This low-cost franchise has a very quick ROI and offers every business owner something they need—a way to grow.

IT IS BACKED BY A RESPECTED LEADER As part of United Franchise Group, Network Lead Exchange has the support of a leader with more than 30 years in franchising. 

Network Lead Exchange blows its competition away with a more efficient, less expensive and more user-friendly way of networking. 

Franchisees can become area developers and build a full-time networking empire. 

Meet Network Lead Exchange Owners

Blake Baynham, Business Coach

“I invested in Network Lead  Exchange because I saw it as an opportunity to provide my network with a better option for personal and professional growth. As a business owner’s coach, NLX benefits my business by making it easy to refer my coaching clients to my trusted referral partners. As an added bonus, I receive compensation for doing so!

I don’t have to spend too much time managing the platform, but the beauty of NLX is that I get to make it my own. Between planning meetings and member recruitment, it only takes about 10-20 hours each month to run my chapter.

People are having a hard time finding new and creative ways to grow during the pandemic. NLX offers them a solution, and that’s made my chapter easier to grow. 

For me, NLX has been more than just a franchise or a networking tool. It’s given me a way to bring more value to my clients and network.”

April O’Connor, Membership Director, NLX

“I was so excited when I discovered Network Lead Exchange. I had always been a member of other networking groups and NLX was a breath of fresh air in comparison. It offers a more efficient way of networking without all the boring and bureaucratic constraints of traditional groups.

Time is my most valuable asset—as it is for all business owners. By embracing technology and creating flexible options, NLX gives busy members a realistic way to network without wasting time or adding stress.

Shortly after I started as a member, I relocated and decided to launch my own chapter as a franchisee. It has been great, and my group has been incredibly successful. So much so, that the corporate team at United Franchise Group invited me to join the company as Membership Director. In my role, I help other franchisees launch and run their businesses and give prospective franchisees insights into running their own chapters. I am excited to be in on the ground floor of this innovative concept. 

As a franchisee, the best part for me has been the ability to operate the chapter the way I want. The corporate team provides structure and support without dictating how to run my group. 

I am very engaged in my chapter and have opted to run weekly—instead of monthly—meetings. I’ve also started a separate women’s group and have aligned with, and raised money for, charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society. The possibilities are endless.”  

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