Adventures in Franchise Ownership

Franchisees, like most small business owners, experience times of extreme frustration, lapses in motivation, and often exit before reaching their potential and their goals. Adventures in Franchise Ownership is the essence of what Christy Wilson Delk learned over her fifteen years of franchise ownership – the good, the bad, and the really tough stuff — that provided a solid strategic framework to strengthen, protect, and grow her franchise year after year.

After 15 years of managing and building her Kids ‘R’ Kids franchise, Christy became the owner of one of the most successful franchises in the early childhood segment and ended up selling her business, turning an investment of $240,000 into a $6 million windfall. Delk believes that many franchise owners and entrepreneurs make costly mistakes or fail to sell at the right time. Delk shares what she learned as she managed her business through two recessions, three hurricanes, two expansions, one divorce, and numerous employees.

In this terrific book, Christy reveals the 4 Pillars of Successful Franchise Ownership as well as advice from 16 top performing franchises representing over a dozen market segments. Learn how to run your business more efficiently and profitably than you could have ever imagined…and truly enjoy your time spent doing it!

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