4Ever Young’s Founders are Helping Change the Perception of Aging

4 Ever Young Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu

Entrepreneurs Deniz Duygulu and Carlton Washington Turned Their Passion for Whole-Body Wellness Into a Franchise Opportunity

Growing up, 4Ever Young’s founders Deniz Duygulu (left) and Carlton Washington (right) were serious about building muscle. Duygulu idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger and was a high school wrestler and cross country runner. Washington was into weight lifting and sports and fitness for as long as he could remember. By the time the two met at a local gym in 2014, their interests had expanded beyond bodybuilding to overall health and wellness. The duo bonded over their similar passions and desire to help others reach optimal health. 

4Ever Young Franchise
4Ever Young helps customers look and feel their best with an array of whole-body wellness services ranging from hormone replacement therapy to vitamin injections and infusions, as well as cosmetic services and skincare.

Drawing from their combined backgrounds and experiences, they created 4Ever Young, a preventative health facility focused on holistic anti-aging solutions. Patients who seek a roadmap to healthy aging and improved appearance, or need help with weight loss, optimal nutrition, detoxifying the body, or the symptoms of menopause and andropause, find a plethora of treatments and solutions at 4Ever Young.

With successful corporate locations all around Florida, 4Ever Young is now expanding through franchising with passionate investors.   

4Ever Young’s Wide Range of Services

4Ever Young franchise's vitamin infusions
4Ever Young’s vitamin infusions can address 
nutritional needs and wellness concerns.

4Ever Young gives investors an opportunity to take advantage of the growing, $300-billion-dollar global anti-aging medicine market. The franchise offers a wide range of innovative and comprehensive wellness and anti-aging services that give people their drive and confidence back. There are whole-body wellness services ranging from hormone replacement therapy to vitamin injections and infusions, as well as an array of cosmetic services and skincare. Below we outline a few of the many services.  

  • Botox treatment temporarily reduces the strength of the muscles of the face to reduce the appearance of lines due to facial expression. Both men and women can suffer from a feeling of aging due to noticeable expression lines. Men with pronounced lines between the brow may look angry or stressed—and older than they feel. Botox can address this problem.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy helps both men and women reduce the symptoms that come with aging caused by decreased hormone production. It also helps younger men and women who have early hormone dysfunction. Symptoms include low libido, weight gain, and disruptive sleep. 4Ever Young offers a variety of options including pellets, injections, and topical treatments.
  • HGH Stimulating therapy:  People from their 30s onward are likely to notice some changes that may stem from decreasing amounts of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. These include decreased muscle tone, reduced immune function, and slow recovery after workouts. 4Ever Young uses a targeted combination of peptides and growth hormone-releasing hormones. Used together, these substances help the body create its own natural HGH.

Why 4Ever Young Franchise?

  • Strong appeal to both men
    and women 
  • Industry trailblazer
  • Unmatched product offering  
  • Multiple revenue categories
  • Comprehensive multi-phase
    training and patient protocols
  • Turnkey franchise model with complete anti-aging and wellness service suite
  • Attractive pricing model
  • Product mix creates easy upselling opportunities
  • High frequency services, yielding a longer customer lifetime value
  • Compelling membership model builds recurring revenue

 Ideal 4Ever Young Franchisee

  • Strong communication and
    people skills
  • Passionate about health and wellness
  • Desire to make a personal and financial impact in their community
  • Business management experience
    and acumen
  • Multi-unit empire builders
  • Willingness to follow the franchise

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