10 Reasons Why I am Thankful for Franchising

Thanksgiving 2022 Thankful for franchising

As Thanksgiving 2022 Approaches, I Reflect on the Many Benefits of Franchising

Every Thanksgiving, I pause to think about everything I am thankful for. Franchising is always on the list. Franchising has not only changed my life but has helped me empower others to change their lives, too. I am thankful for everyone I have met through franchising and the great times we have had together, collaborating and sharing. Most of all, I am grateful for the impact franchising has made on the world and the possibilities that it offers. Here are 10 reasons I am thankful for the many benefits of franchising.

1. Franchising Has the Best People

The people in franchising are like no other. They are entrepreneurial and driven but also inclusive and collaborative. Franchising folks love to get together and share. Even competitors in franchising are friendly with each other. 

2. Franchises Makes a Big Impact

There is a ripple effect in franchising. Franchising has done wonderful things for people, families, communities, businesses, nonprofits, the people behind them, and the groups they support. I have seen franchising make a tremendous impact across generations, communities, and industries. Franchising is a beautiful thing when it’s done properly because everybody wins at so many levels. The impact of franchising is powerful.

People in franchising add a certain creativity and excitement that you just can’t find anywhere else.

3. Franchising is Fun

People in franchising love to have a good time. When there’s a franchise conference, it’s like a big family reunion where you can mix business with pleasure. People in franchising add a certain creativity and excitement that you just can’t find anywhere else.

4. The Franchise Industry is all About Collaboration

Franchising is all about collaboration. By working together, you can create something beyond what you could do on your own. It’s a wonderful combination when everyone does what they’re supposed to do with integrity and hard work. Collaboration in franchising is a benefit where everybody wins.

5. There’s Always Opportunity to Learn in Franchising

There’s so much opportunity to learn in franchising. I’ve learned so much about different aspects of franchising: types of businesses, ways of doing business, business structures, deals, sales, operations, marketing, training, distribution, development, real estate, and on and on. Franchising is in a constant state of change, and learning is continuous. I’m surprised how much I’ve been able to learn and understand and share with others as they learn and share with me. I’m grateful that franchising involves continuous learning.

6. You Can Create Personal Wealth Through Franchising

I have seen and been involved with many families who have franchise businesses. They have gone on to generate tremendous success and create a legacy for their families. Seeing long-term success and multi-generational wealth through franchising is wonderful. It doesn’t happen all the time, and when it does, it’s well deserved. I’m grateful for this.

7. Franchising Solves Problems

I see franchising as a way for problems to get solved in the marketplace. I’m grateful for the innovation of the entrepreneurs and for the people involved in creating new brands as the marketplace transitions and shifts. There’s always room for another good franchise in any category or industry. I’m grateful to see franchising create opportunities and economic benefits for those involved in solving problems.

In franchising, the playing field is level, regardless of background, experience, or ethnicity.

8. The Franchise Industry is Inclusive

The franchise industry is known for being open with people willing to share information. It’s a major advantage of the franchise industry, and I’m grateful for it. In franchising, the playing field is level, regardless of background, experience, or ethnicity. Everyone is welcome in franchising.

9. Franchising Makes a Global Impact

The global potential of franchising is incredible. I’m grateful that franchising can generate success and a positive impact just about anywhere in the world. I was involved in international franchising back in the 1990s. I have seen how brands can transform and impact a new market and culture and create opportunities for everyone involved. I believe there are lots more that will follow in the future. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see franchising expand to almost everyone, almost everywhere.

10. There are Constant Innovations in Franchising

Franchising demonstrates that success is always in progress. It’s never done or perfect. In franchising, we’re all working on improving results and outcomes for everyone involved: franchisees, franchisors, customers, employees, and suppliers. Pursuing better results creates that desire and harnesses the natural want to improve. That innovation drives success and creates more opportunities over time. I love being part of that.

I am thankful to be involved in all the great things franchising brings this Thanksgiving, 2022, and every other day of the year.

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John W. Francis has more than 30 years in franchise industry, as both a franchisor and a franchisee with multiple brands. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, industry consultant and strategic advisor. Because of his wealth of experience, he is known throughout the industry as Johnny Franchise.
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