Zenoti Enhances Customer Experience With Mobile POS Innovations

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could check in, enjoy their spa experiences and walk out without the hassles of tedious check-outs at busy front desks? Or, if you could capture more business by servicing customers that are relaxing poolside – perform the service, and accept a signature or payment, all without them getting up? It is all possible now – thanks to Zenoti’s mobile POS.

Zenoti’s leading platform is engineered for reliability and scale, using enterprise-level technology made available to businesses of all sizes from the single location brand to chains with over 200 outlets.

Zenoti clients, now 5,000 doors strong worldwide, are choosing the software to streamline their businesses, increase customer loyalty, drive revenues and cut costs. The addition of mobile POS will afford businesses the ability to dramatically enhance customer experience with conveniences such as mobile check out’s.

Zenoti’s mobile POS enables spas, salons and fitness centers to make customer convenience paramount and go where their customers are with a “mobile front desk.” Chair side check-outs are only just the beginning to this powerful tool. Think, seamless check-out’s prior to even leaving the spa treatment room to avoid the hassle of busy front desks, or additional service bookings made pool-side.


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