Yoga for the Brain: Collaborative, Client-Centered Psychotherapy Franchise, the Lifeologie Institute, Offers Unique Certifiation Program for Psychotherapeutic Yoga

The Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga, (LISPY) is launching its first 200-hour advanced psychotherapeutic yoga training module on April 1, 2016.

The only school of its kind, LISPY is educating yoga instructors and psychotherapists by integrating the ancient practice of yoga and its principles with western approaches to mental health care.

The Lifeologie Institute is an early adopter of psychotherapeutic yoga, having launched its psychotherapeutic yoga program in 2012 at its four Dallas-Ft. Worth offices.

“Sometimes traditional therapy is not enough,” said Melanie Wells, founder and Clinical Director of the Lifeologie Institute. “Research in brain physiology and neurobiology is showing that prolonged anxiety, trauma and depression can reprogram the brain to sustain a prolonged cycle of distress. Psychotherapeutic yoga helps interrupt this cycle by coupling whole body strengthening, breathing exercises and meditation, along with western medical principles, to help heal the effects of trauma and other psychological conditions. Yoga for your brain is a game-changer.”

The LISPY program is extensive and challenging. Presented in modules (some of which can be taken as stand-alones), the program requires 600 hours of coursework and workshops, and 400 hours of supervised face-to-face client contact.

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