Working Smart Makes (Dollars) And Sense!

When you set out down the road of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner, you will have many choices and options open to you. One of those options will certainly be whether you want to work hard with long hours, or whether you want to work smart with comparatively short hours while still obtaining the same or perhaps an even better result (ROI) than taking the work-hard route.

Franchises also offer that same option – you can work hard or you can work smart.  The Interface Financial Group (IFG) certainly falls into the work smart category. IFG has been offering the same ‘in-demand‘ financial service to their clients for over 46 years, with current operations in eight countries, and has built an impressive history and knowledge base for the benefit of their franchisees. Add to that some sophisticated technology and IFG clearly delivers a work smart opportunity, making it the quintessential white-collar franchise. The franchise comes with a long list of outstanding and unique features, the highlights of which are:

IFG goes paperless – for several years now IFG franchisees have enjoyed a truly paperless franchise. While we believe that every entity has some lingering need for paper, IFG franchisees are now looking at less than 10% of their activities having a paper involvement.

Long hours? If you are exploring entrepreneurship and transitioning from the corporate world, then you may well be one of the thousands of executives that are used to working 40, 50 or even more hours every week. The IFG franchise offers a refreshing change with franchisees working core business hours only. That means something like 9:30 AM to about 3:30 PM – and quite often for less than five days a week.

On the road again! Again, for many transitioning executives, being on the road is all part of the daily routine. Road warriors certainly build up an extensive ‘air miles’ collection, however it is often to the detriment of their home and family life. The IFG franchise is organized on a local basis and rarely, other than for vacations, will a franchisee be jumping on a plane.

Home office – To add to our core business hours, our approach and the no-travel aspect, the IFG franchise is geared to a home office environment, which naturally means there is no lease to sign for office premises that may or may not be used, there is no need to hire and maybe even fire employees, and with a home-based office in the financial service area there is certainly no inventory to buy and store on the shelf with the hope that somebody will buy it before it turns green….. While we are talking about things that you don’t have, we should mention that with an Interface franchise there is no territory. The franchise is non-territorial and, therefore, it becomes portable. For franchisees that wish to relocate, there are no issues in finding a new territory or taking the business with you. The structure of the franchise is created to accommodate all of these options.

It’s all about putting capital to work! The Interface Financial Group is in the business of invoice discounting, or to put it more simply – cash flow acceleration. Our clients have made their product or delivered their service and are waiting, and in some cases, waiting and waiting and waiting to get paid by their customer. Our job is to take the waiting out of the transaction, so we buy invoices from our clients as and when they have delivered their product or service, thus accelerating the cash flow. Naturally we buy the invoices at a small discount, which creates the income and return on capital for our franchisees. The transaction is a buy-sell rather than a lending approach and is completed on an individual invoice basis, which enables our clients to use the service as they need it. Putting capital to work and not putting franchisees to work is surely the smart way to go.

IFG has always been about putting capital to work rather than putting people to work, and now with the addition of technology and a state-of-the-art operations platform, our franchisees can devote their time and talents to working with people rather than working with paper – working smart and not working hard.

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