Woof Gang Bakery Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary by Selling Its 100th Franchise and Expanding Services

After opening its first store in Jupiter, FL November 2007, Woof Gang Bakery commemorates its tenth anniversary as the most innovative and customer-oriented pet store chain in the United States. The company, supported by a growing focus on its diversified offering of high-quality services, now has 90 locations in 12 states across the U.S. – and will sell its 100Th franchise by the end of this year.

“One thing that anyone should smile about is when a company with no investors or loans grows from nothing to 100 stores in a ten-year period”, said Paul Allen, Woof Gang Bakery President and CEO. “When I look back, I can’t believe we did it with no money. Our stores will gross more than $50 million in the next 12 months and we expect to reach the number of 300 stores in the next few years.”

Woof Gang Bakery recently announced the launch of its Wellness Centers, where pets enjoy services that range from traditional grooming to massages, yoga and veterinary care. Customers can also take advantage of the new dog-walking service, which, together with the dog day care service already offered at some stores, rounds out the one-stop-shop concept for pet care. The company now operates three types of stores: Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming full service stores; Woof Gang Bakery boutique stores; and Woof Gang Bakery at Home.

To learn more, visit woofgangbakery.com.

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