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Stepping out of the office for a great cup of coffee can be the only moment that makes or breaks a workday. Xpresso Delight offers a café experience within the confines of the break room and does all the work for you in a matter of seconds.

Fully automatic espresso coffee systems are supplied free to businesses, as well as Xpresso Delight’s exclusive 100 percent Arabica coffee blend, cups, sugar and supplies – everything you need to make a café quality coffee.

The systems not only provide coffee but also espresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato and hot chocolate. Every cup grinds fresh beans and heats up milk to create café quality froth. Unlimited options, an office could only once achieve by leaving the building, are now available in the comforts of the cubicle.

The machine is provided for free and companies pay on a per cup basis. The counter records when the button is pressed and it gets checked at each weekly service and the company is invoiced accordingly.It’s like having a personal barista at the press of a button.

“Everyone spends so much money on coffee, you may drink more if you had one of these machines, but not spend more,” said franchisor Nigell Lee. Xpresso Delight keeps a company’s staff productive, available and satisfied.

Employees stay in the business and remain focused on their job.

“What we really want our customers to do is enjoy their in-office coffee experience while they are doing what they do best, which is their work,” assures Nigell.

Clients are not locked into contracts, which are usually secured through a taste test – a FREE week of coffee is offered to businesses so they can trial the system. If they do not like the machine, they can stop using it without any obligations.

Xpresso Delight originated in 2003 in Australia and New Zealand and began franchising a year later. There are now over two hundred franchises internationally.

Nigell came to New York in 2013 to test the market and install coffee machines. He wanted to receive some feedback and see if it would work.

“We had such an astounding response. In one of our early surveys for a company we got 9.7 out of 10 for taste, 9.8 out of 10 for how easy the machine is to use and that was an accounting firm with over 300 employees,” explained Nigell. “It was a really good survey. So in early 2014 we started selling franchises in the U.S.

We just sold our second franchise in the Philadelphia market and we are going “The machine is easy to use and was well researched to ensure the process was efficient and effortless with exceptional convenience.” through that process with numerous other candidates to start in other locations also.” Franchises are currently for sale in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and Connecticut.

Xpresso Delight is seeking area representatives all over the country in every state and their role is to develop their own exclusive territory while training and supporting new and existing franchisees.

Franchises cannot be sold without an area representative because local support is needed. “We are a pretty easy business to operate.

We have over ten years of operations, support and training systems experience – everything is basically set up,” explained Nigell. “A candidate does not necessarily need experience. If they are able to follow our systems they have a great chance of being successful. If they love coffee, that is a bonus.”The biggest demographic of franchisees so far has been mothers. Mostly women who have been home with their children for a fair amount of time and want to get back into the workforce but need a flexible schedule. “It gives them the ability to do what they need to do as a mom but still obviously run a business and earn a good income,” said Nigell. “With that flexibility, we do appeal to most demographics. It was designed to be a lifestyle business and a home-based business, so anyone could do it without having any employees and it can fit around their routine.”

Franchisees simply go to a location where a machine has been installed once a week to record coffees consumed each week, provide supplies and clean the coffee machine which will take them approximately 30 minutes. Franchisees start with five coffee systems and work approximately five hours per week in total, outside of a small amount of marketing and networking.

Nigell said this is a new and growing market in the U.S. Although the coffee market within the country is mature, the office espresso coffee market is not. “Where we are in the U.S., is where Australia was in 2003 to 2004. There is a big coffee market but most people don’t understand that they can have fresh bean, fresh milk, lattes, cappuccinos and espressos all in the office,” said Nigell. “We believe we are unique and it is an educational process but once they taste our coffee and see how easy it is to use, then bundle it up with a complete package, people get it straight away.”

Currently there is no real competition within the country comparable to Xpresso Delight. Unlike the Kereg and Tasimo systems, this system is a high quality machine valued at $7,000 offered for free.

“You can go out and buy or lease these coffee machines but we offer a risk free opportunity for businesses. There are no up front costs, no contracts and best of all we supply everything for free, including all consumables, weekly maintenance as well as a same day replacement guarantee which means if anything was to ever go wrong with one of our systems we will replace it same day free of charge,” explained Nigell.

The machine is easy to use and was well researched to ensure the process was efficient and effortless with exceptional convenience.

When our franchisees come into the network they get two days of official training and are then put through a three-week marketing and installation program. This program is put in place to get franchisees up and running and create momentum as soon as possible.

“Our system is not based around direct sales such as telemarketing. We see our business as a networking and relationship business,” said Nigell. “We try to get franchisees creating relationships as soon as possible.” Area representatives supply as much local support as is required. These representatives also hold spare coffee machines to ensure the replacement guarantee.

“We want to make sure they are as successful as they can be because we see franchising as a win-win situation – if franchisees are winning, Xpresso Delight is winning,” said Nigell. For more information contact Nigell Lee at:

P: 646.435.5968      W: www.xpressodelight.com

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