Why You Need a Franking Machine in Your Office

Do you always post letters, invoices, or other documents from your office? If yes, then you need a franking machine. A franking tool is a metered device, mostly used to affix postage and helps in the postage process. You don’t need to go to the post office, travel, or weigh your mails. Just use a franking machine, then drop your letters, invoices, or whatever you are sending to the nearest available post office box. Franking devices are regulated by local postal authorities and help print a postage stamp, put a dated postmark, or cancel it. This article is to help you understand why you need a franking machine in your office. We are going to look into five main reasons, and you can choose one or all, depending on your needs and your mailing process.

1.Security and Use

When you have a franking machine in your office, you can allocate who will use it and the kind of mails to be sent from your office. You will have full control over who uses the machine, what is being shipped, and can check its usage from time to time. Once you have this control, you can share costs according to departments, projects, or any other related department on which the franking machine was used. You can also cancel the sending of unnecessary mail in your office, thus saving costs.

2.It Saves Costs

Sometimes documents get lost in the office or along the way. The case is not different with postage stamps or money used to purchase them. To help ease this hard task of keeping records and moving from one area to another to look for these mailing stamps, you must have a franking machine. With one, you can save costs from going to and from the post office, and you can print the number of stamps you need and save costs in losses and pilferage. Sometimes, you can get a reckless staff in the office that might misplace or steal your postage stamps, but not with a franking machine. Get one and save costs.

3.Comes With Discounts

Everyone loves discounts. Even you do. Get a franking machine and enjoy discounts while sending your mails. In most countries, using a franking device enables you to get an over 5% discount on the total cost. It’s, therefore, recommended that you look for a helpful site to understand more about how discounts work. Imagine sending thousands of emails in a year? That will be a massive discount. If you do a large number of letters and other documents, then it’s high time you opt for a franking machine to cut on costs. It might not be much for fewer deliveries, but when it comes to large quantities or sending mails for an extended period, well, you will notice the difference

4.Very Convenient

Everyone hates queues while waiting for services or purchase of something. You don’t need to queue in a post office waiting to buy stamps nor have your mails processed. Just get a franking machine and turn your office into a mini-post office. You can use the franking tool at any time of the day to handle your deliveries in the comfort of your office. It also saves you the headache and the mini-depression you get when you are about to send an urgent mail, then, unfortunately, there are no stamps! A franking machine helps you keep a record of what you have sent and comes in handy when sending urgent mails.

5.It Helps You Promote Your Brand

Do you need your letters to appear more professional with a business look? Well, get a franking machine. This machine will help you send messages with customized company logos or pictures and gives you the benefit of having a return address. With this, you can promote your brand and share your company’s image with the recipients’ eyes. Nowadays, there are different ways to promote your brand without going into direct advertisements. Known to the few, using a customized franking machine enables you not only to deliver your message but also improves your brand awareness.

The above five ways are the simplest, but the main reasons you should have a franking machine in your office. Things are changing from time to time, and this article has detailed ways that will make you rush to get an additional tool in your workplace. To save on costs, create convenience, and have your image on mails, plus other reasons, as discussed above, rush to get this amazing tool for your office.

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