What to Do if Your Truck Breaks Down in the Middle of Nowhere

Automotive Franchises Can Play a Role in Helping You When You Have Truck Problems

Vehicle breakdowns will always occur when least expected. They will never give us a ‘knock on the door’ when they are about to happen. There is nothing else more stressful than your truck breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and you don’t know what to do about it. One way to get out of this jam is to contact an automotive franchise. Not only do these franchises provide repair services, valeting services, car washes, and oil change services, the car pros at these businesses know the correct steps to take during a breakdown. All of these businesses have a number to call in this difficult situation, and you should take advantage of their expertise when necessary. Automotive franchises to consider contacting include Christian Brothers Automotive, Tuffy Tire and Auto Service, and Meineke Car Care Centers.

It is extremely necessary to know what to do if your vehicle fails to keep yourself, your vehicle, and others safe. We all understand how hard it can be to prepare for unknown situations such as these. Nevertheless, having the necessary guidelines and safety measures will save you from this seemingly challenging encounter. So, are you planning a long road trip in your truck to the countryside or anywhere else? Then it is time to brace yourself with information that can help keep you out of trouble in case of a breakdown.

Contact Your Insurer

Whether you are having a flat tire or a mechanical failure, truck breakdowns can be extremely difficult to get out of without professional help. If your truck is adequately insured, however, you can always talk to your insurance company to send help your way. Remember, even tow trucks themselves are also prone to mechanical failure and breakdowns. Regardless of the kind of truck you are driving, however, one of the first steps you take should be to contact your insurance provider.

Ensure You Get to the Right Side of the Road

Merging over to the right side of the road is the very first thing to do should your truck break down. You are supposed to do this immediately with your signals on so other drivers know what you are doing. Getting to the right side of the road without signaling other drivers may end up causing an unanticipated accident. After you get on the right side of the road, turn on the flashers, and perhaps leave the hood of the vehicle open. Also, if there are any road curves behind you, try your best to coast along the shoulder to try to reach an exit. Packing by the road curves can be dangerous because you may not be visible to oncoming traffic.

Assess the Situation and Surroundings

Whenever your truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere, panicking is not an option. Although it is an unlucky situation, seek to be smart enough, take a deep breath, and assess your surroundings. You may have noticed another vehicle while you were driving. Who knows? A Good Samaritan could be on the way and may drive by to accord the necessary help. Also, while in the middle of nowhere, try to look around for crossroads and mile markers. They can help determine your exact location. Knowing your specific location makes it easy for an auto service to find you if you contact them.

Make Yourself Visible

Making yourself visible is another guideline on what to do if your truck breaks in the middle of nowhere. Take, for example, your truck breaks down during the night. You want to make sure you can be easily identified. So, consider turning on your car hazard lights, raise the hood, or even turn the lights inside your car on. Being visible increases your odds of getting rescued as compared to not being visible.

Get Help

Getting help is another important option to consider should your truck break down unexpectedly. Many people would be willing to give a helping hand. So, don’t hesitate to immediately call 911, the local police, or even request assistance from the roadside. There’s always someone willing to help you get to safety.

Don’t Leave Your Truck

In most cases, you will find that your truck is always carrying loads of valuables. Therefore, you could be risking them by leaving the truck, leading to hefty losses in case they get stolen. Staying with your truck is extremely important so that you can secure your valuables. It may also protect you from unsafe environmental conditions such as rain, heat exhaustion, and wild animals.

Break out Your Emergency Kit

You probably have an emergency kit in your truck if at all you know anything about car emergencies. Some of the vehicle emergency supplies you need to have with you include enough food, water, a first aid kit. Having some means of heating yourself other than your car heating system will also come in handy. These will come in handy in case your truck breaks down in a remote location.

Consider Contacting a Mobile Mechanic

Do you know some mobile mechanics can come to your rescue when your truck breaks down even in the middle of nowhere? Mobile mechanics understand vehicles can break down any time anywhere. For that matter, they are always readily available with their vans packed with all the vehicle repair equipment. So, if you know one, then it’s time to give them a call. If you don’t, you may then consider asking for a referral from a friend or family member. Alternatively, check if the location’s network is fair enough and check from the internet the available mobile mechanics.

Find a Shade to Stay Hydrated

When your truck breaks down in the daytime, consider finding a shade and staying hydrated. This is a great hack to help you stay healthy and well while you wait for assistance. Sometimes it may take hours before the assistance you requested arrives, and in the meantime, you want to stay hydrated, especially if the sun is scorching.

Although vehicle breakdowns happen when least expected, you still can get the best out of the situation if you are informed enough. It’s not unusual to panic, but it will only derail the solution if you don’t keep it in check.

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