What are the Top Kosher Franchise Opportunities?

In Honor of Passover 2024, A Deep-Dive Into Fast Casual Businesses Specializing in Kosher Options

In the Jewish faith, Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) is a week-long commemoration of the Exodus, or the liberation of Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The celebration kicks off with a traditional seder meal, which consists of symbolic kosher foods including matzah, zeroa (shankbone), beitzah (egg), maror and chazeret (bitter herbs), charoset (paste) and karpas (vegetable).

Kosher, derived from the Hebrew root “kashér,” means “to be pure, proper or suitable for consumption,” according to Jewish law. Kosher practices include various guidelines such as the restriction against meat and dairy being paired together, as well as requirements for humane slaughtering practices.

Kosher franchises have boomed in popularity, not only among the 5.8 million Jewish adults in the U.S., but Americans of all faiths and ethnicities. Increasing numbers of entrepreneurs are finding opportunities in this growing market segment.

In honor of Passover 2024, consider the following kosher franchise opportunities for your next business venture.  

Top Kosher Franchise Opportunities

Bravo Kosher Pizza

Top Kosher Franchise Opportunities

Bravo Kosher Pizza was founded in New York City in 2004 by Ken Fellus. Guided by the goal of creating a pizza brand centered around kosher food products, Bravo has expanded to 11 locations around the New York market. In addition to pizza products and styles, its kosher menu includes pasta dishes, desserts and sushi. The kosher franchise offers multiple models: takeout and delivery; a full-service restaurant; and a quick-service location. In addition to strong financials, franchise owners benefit from absentee ownership opportunities. 

Fish Grill

Top Kosher Franchise Opportunities

Founded in 1986 in Los Angeles, Fish Grill has expanded to locations in New Jersey and Brooklyn, N.Y. The kosher franchise is on a mission “to offer our customers a dining experience that challenges the status quo.” The brand’s fish-centric menu includes a variety of kosher tacos, sandwiches, wraps and more. Franchisees don’t need prior experience to succeed with the business. 

Holy Schnitzel 

Top Kosher Franchise Opportunities

Founded by sibling entrepreneurs Sivan and Ofeer Benaltaba, Holy Schnitzel serves a wide variety of schnitzels, which are thinly sliced veal or other light meats, burgers and other kosher foods in a welcoming and enjoyable environment. Selling points of the brand include a low startup investment, simple business model with multiple revenue streams (catering, online ordering and branded merchandise), and strong item 19. The kosher franchise has expanded to seven locations in New York and New Jersey.

Jus By Julie

Top Kosher Franchise Opportunities

The Jus By Julie franchise specializes in kosher items, and is known for its healthy smoothies, salads, snacks and more. The business was established in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2012, by Julie Maleh, a certified health coach and mother of five whose goal was to provide her community and family with healthy and delicious foods. Franchise owners benefit from an affordable investment, and no experience is required.

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