Well-Trained Pros Help Keep Industries Humming

A critical piece of equipment at an industrial site blows a hydraulic hose. The machine halts instantly and fluid is everywhere. After a quick cleanup, the crew sits idle, waiting for someone to take care of the problem.

The longer the wait, the costlier it is for that company.

Enter PIRTEK. With North American headquarters in Rockledge, FL, PIRTEK USA is the fluid transfer solutions leader in sales and service, the only brand of its kind in U.S. franchising.  A PIRTEK Service & Supply Center can quickly dispatch one of its Mobile Service Vehicles to the troubled site so the company can resume production.

The PIRTEK technician uses sophisticated equipment to replace the ruptured hose on the spot. It’s the exact diameter, the right connector. One call to PIRTEK can end the crisis fast, get the machinery running again and put the crew back to work.

Heavy demand

PIRTEK is an international company with more than 400 Service & Supply Centers in 23 countries. It’s growing in the United States, with 57 franchises and more coming.

“The demand is always there,” said Gwyn T. O’Kane, CFE, vice president of franchise development, PIRTEK USA. “Our people say that it’s nice to get such a welcome reception when they’re on a call. Often, they’re walking into an emergency situation, and everyone is glad to see that PIRTEK Mobile Service Vehicle coming to the rescue.”

One of the main drivers of PIRTEK’s success – both in the United States and globally – is the company’s ability to reduce downtime. When the minutes are ticking off, when both crew and equipment are unable to perform their work, it can cut deeply into the bottom line. PIRTEK steps in during these costly work stoppages to get operations humming again.

A vast spectrum of applications

The range of applications for PIRTEK products and services is practically endless. Wherever there’s a hose, there’s a potential problem that may require the company’s services. This includes earthmoving equipment, ocean liner steerage systems, boilers, high-rise elevators, drilling rigs, self-service car washes … on and on.

Some PIRTEK people have worked on fascinating, out-of-the-ordinary equipment, including a robotics competition entry, an Indy 500 fluid transfer operation, and a power door at a zoo’s rhinoceros exhibit. “You never know what awaits you on any given day,” said O’Kane. “That’s part of the appeal.”

No direct experience necessary

People can start a PIRTEK franchise without any prior experience in fluid transfer operations. In fact, many of its franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, including white-collar jobs that never dirtied or greased up their hands. What matters most is integrity, a love of learning and a willingness to fulfill one’s potential. All the necessary training comes from the Rockledge office, where participants go through a battery of intensive sessions to prepare for a new career – and a new lifestyle.

“There was definitely an adjustment period from my sales and marketing background, where you make appointments in advance to make a formal sales presentation,” said Jim Hart, who runs a PIRTEK Service & Supply Center in South San Francisco. “Now every day is different. Even though the process and products are consistent, you never know what opportunities are ahead.”

Sometimes husbands and wives join forces to open PIRTEK franchises. The business model works well for spousal teams who want to run a family-centered business, as several such operations around the country attest. 

A growing company profile

PIRTEK USA is a company on the move, constantly raising its visibility with targeted marketing efforts – including product rebranding and sponsorships. Among the latter is PIRTEK USA’s sponsorship of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, a popular winter competition that takes place in various locations around the country. As a sponsor, PIRTEK is available to service the track-grooming machines for these high-performance snowmobile races.

Another notable PIRTEK USA sponsorship will be this May’s Indianapolis 500. Publicizing the company brand at recognizable events is an important strategy for PIRTEK, which formed PIRTEK Team Murray for the Indy race. The new team features championship driver Matt Brabham, who will race a car displaying the PIRTEK logo in front of huge crowds at the historic competition’s 100th running. The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, named after the famous American Sniper, is working with PIRTEK USA on this promotion. Kyle’s wife, Taya, is the official ambassador for PIRTEK Team Murray.


PIRTEK USA combines the right training with the right products and services. Its visibility around the United States is increasing dramatically. Franchises exist in many major U.S. cities with more new launches to come throughout the country. So give PIRTEK a call … soon. Be your own boss, take charge of your destiny, and pursue the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

The next move is yours.


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