Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

One of the most pressing issues in the world today is global warming and climate change. With glaciers melting at a rapid pace, it is important to do your fair share to help save the planet. Small things like using reusable utensils and bringing eco-bags when shopping can help save resources and contribute to a cleaner environment.

It should not stop there. Small businesses can also do their fair share of cutting their carbon footprint by taking measures to become more eco-friendly. While this could be challenging at first, it can save the business a lot of money in the long run. Here are some ways to make your business eco-friendly:


Source goods from sustainable suppliers

Collaborate with local suppliers. This is an effective way to source your goods. Restaurants and food-related businesses can source their supply from local farmers and buy from the local farmer’s market. Dry goods businesses can find non-toxic and recyclable goods or others that are made from renewable materials. Creating a procurement policy that commits to sustainability may also include reducing waste, conserving energy, or lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Work with business consultants and environmentalist groups if you are not sure where to begin, Greenpeace, Global Footprint Network, and local environmental groups can help educate you or help you find sustainable sources. The professionals at trvst.world say that the majority of millennials believe that successful businesses are not all about profits, and they want to contribute their skills to social causes. Eco-friendly and sustainable businesses catch their eye, as well as buying from these companies align with their principles.


Use energy-efficient appliances

Make the switch to energy-efficient appliances. Because of the growing concern for the environment, brands are taking measures to do their share. Appliances now have energy star ratings that show their energy efficiency. When buying or replacing appliances, check on these ratings, and assess which ones are most beneficial for you in terms of energy usage.

Take a look at how products compare to each other. While some of these appliances may be more expensive, the amount you save on energy bills can balance out the costs quite handsomely later on. For instance, an energy-efficient light bulb uses up to eighty percent less energy and can last up to twenty-five times longer than an ordinary incandescent bulb, saving you time, money, and energy.


Use alternative energy sources

Use alternative energy sources as these release fewer toxins, which can help the environment. These sources, such as solar power, wind power, or water power can reduce your energy bill, as well. For smaller businesses, installing solar panels is the easiest alternative source you can use, as they are now available for installation in homes and smaller areas. You can also sell your excess energy back to your utility company through a process called net metering, giving you additional profits.

Use green cleaning products

Find safe cleaning agents. Chemicals used in cleaning products can be dangerous. Acids can have harmful effects when it touches your skin, or it could produce poisonous gases when mixed. Switching to non-toxic, green cleaning products protects your skin and lungs from otherwise toxic chemicals. It also improves indoor air quality by reducing chemical gases emitted by ordinary cleaning products.

More than that, green cleaning products can help the environment due to their non-toxic and biodegradable nature. This reduces chemical runoffs with the use of proper cleaning techniques, leaving non-toxic residue.


Have the initiative to recycle

Emphasize the importance of recycling. Buying bins for recycling is also a good way to make your business eco-friendly. By establishing recycling bins and getting into the habit of using them, you are leading your staff to do the same. By transforming materials into something new, you can benefit the environment by ensuring that you are not wasting natural resources.

Big brands like Adidas are using recyclable materials for their products. The limited-edition shoes made of discarded plastic materials they cleaned up from the ocean instantly sold out. Your small business can also take the initiative to recycle on a smaller, but equally important scale. From using recycled paper to biodegradable plastic wraps, making the conscious choice of using recyclable or recycled materials can significantly impact your business and the environment.

Marketing-wise, you can attract customers who are looking to make more conscious purchasing choices. Announcing yourself as a green business can attract those who are interested in doing business with sustainable companies. Millennials in particular are more conscious about these choices. As they become the larger portion of the world’s buying population, making the switch can entice them to purchase from you.

Businesses around the world are responding to efforts to go green as more and more individuals adopt eco-friendly practices and sustainability. Your business can profit greatly by making it easier for consumers to do so.

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