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No Franchising Fee – No Licensing Fee – No Royalty Fee

Have you ever imagined building your own company, but lacked the funds to do so?  ScerIS is helping individuals turn their passion capital, personal drive and endless energy into a thriving business reality. After years of refining this opportunity, ScerIS is helping individuals build a business with the potential for up to $300,000 to $500,000 in annual income.  Actual income is based on results.

The ScerIS Business Partnership is a business opportunity offering the potential for significant income without franchise, licensing or royalty fees. 


Jim Walckner, ScerIS CEO, recalls seeing an ad on the back cover of a magazine showing a man claiming to have earned $25,000 for a referral that resulted in a commercial roof sale.  That was about 35 years ago and at the time $25,000 was probably more than Jim earned in a year. 

Seeing the amount earned for just a referral got his interest but he didn’t believe that generating such referrals was anything he was qualified to do.  Plus it seemed risky.  Who was the vendor?  Would they really pay the referral fee?  How much effort might it take to find someone in need of a roof?  Don’t roofs last a long time?  How big of a deal did it need to be to justify a $25,000 referral fee?  Where would he find commercial roofs that needed to be reroofed?  Jim talked himself out of learning more, but eventually learned that those roofs were everywhere.

The ScerIS story isn’t about roofs, but the point remains.  This was an opportunity that required little or no financial capital and could have presented Jim with significant fees for his referrals if he had the confidence at that time to act on his instincts.

About the Company

ScerIS was founded in 1993.  Today the company serves clients in healthcare, business and government. 

The company’s software is helping organizations of all types improve business processes which lead to reduced costs and increased profits.  Some companies have invested in many non-ScerIS software products, each designed to attend to a specific business process.  ScerIS software is eliminating the need for all of these products as well as eliminating manual processes and the change can be significant.  But, ScerIS is anything but a typical software developer.  The company provides professional services, outsourced services and hosting services making it a resource for its customers – one stop shopping for business process improvement for nearly any purpose.

Nearly every organization of every type with 20 or more employees is a candidate for ScerIS products and services, however ScerIS Business Partners focus on companies with 100 or more employees.

ScerIS Business Partner Program

ScerIS launched its Business Partner Program in 1997, a business referral and sales management program.  Since then, ScerIS has partnered with corporations and individuals to secure new business in which all three entities; the customer, the partner and ScerIS benefit.  This Business Partner model at ScerIS has evolved into a business opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals who can recruit, train and mentor a B2B lead generation staff and facilitate the sales process.  Structured much like a real estate office, all parties in the Business Partner’s office are on straight commission with results-based earnings.  And ScerIS employees are a part of the Business Partner’s TEAM helping them and their associates secure new clients and win new business.

The Business Partnering model is unique but business referrals are anything but unique.  Companies of all sizes and in most types of business reward individuals for referrals, but ScerIS has taken it a big step further with structured lead generation and sales facilitation model that provides significant financial recognition for new orders.  In this model the ScerIS Business Partner enjoys revenue sharing which reflects the mix of software, hardware and services in any transaction in a way that is fair for all parties and the business partner shares their portion of the transaction with their sales associates. 

Different from real estate, there’s always a supply of products and services.  Like real estate, there is a need to find the buyers.  As a Business Partner the primary responsibilities include building a team that provides lead generation and facilitation of the sales process.

The portion of revenue applicable to the Business Partner for an individual sale is up to $4,000 to $50,000 or more.  In one notable transaction the business partner portion of the sale was $468,000. 

Does Building a ScerIS Business Partnership Take a Rocket Scientist?

A ScerIS Business Partner doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist, but they need to have recruiting, training and mentoring skills and be able to manage a sales process through to contracts.  It’s helpful if they know about various business processes and have an aptitude towards learning about optimizing business processes using technology platforms and various services provided by ScerIS.  “Part of what we enjoy so much about our work is that every prospect’s needs are different, even those within the same industry or using the same financial or ERP systems” says Jim Walckner, ScerIS CEO.  “A ScerIS Business Partner is primarily responsibility for securing an introduction to a new prospect and they’re joined by ScerIS employees to help identify needs and facilitate an eventual sale.” 

Each prospect has many departments and could have hundreds of internal processes.  The goal of ScerIS is to provide enterprise-wide platforms for the development of business process optimizations to improve those internal processes, but in the event that enterprise-wide licensing isn’t in the cards, to have alternatives for the prospect to consider.  “Alternatives are what we are excellent at.  We don’t want to leave a prospect without finding somewhere we can help them improve a process.  It could be in accounts payable, contract management, time and attendance, HR, IT or some obscure area of their business like managing material test report documentation,” says Kevin Grooms, Marketing Director.  “The point I want to make is that it’s all about identifying any business process that the prospect wants to improve or get under control.”

Jim never did provide referrals for the roofing company, but he never lost the vision to the possibility of helping scores of individuals build their own referral businesses.  ScerIS’s revenue sharing business model provides an excellent opportunity for developing high performance business referral teams.

To learn more about this partnering opportunity visit www.sceris.com/sales-partners or to learn more about ScerIS visit www.sceris.com.

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