Types of Link-Building That Will Boost Your Site’s Search Ranking in 2020

Here is a question for you all: Which would you rather have? More organic traffic or higher rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)?

Well, it is a tricky question, isn’t it? We all know that both the metrics can bring a huge difference in our business. So, choosing one is out of the option. Having both is what every businessman wants.

As you already know that Search engines prefer ranking only those pages which have a higher authority. And it is a known fact that the links in the webpages boost its authority. Links also help to increase the content’s value from an SEO perspective. On the other hand duplicate content or plagiarized content is penalized.

Over the years, I have come to understand that content having quality content, with high-quality anchor text results in higher ranking. Hence, the conclusion is that link building services are necessary for every site owner to increase their site’s credibility.

Types of link building that boost your Search Ranking

Having the right link and relevant link to your site is the best way to boost your website. It not only boosts your website ranking but also boosts organic traffic and exposure.

Here are the types of link building that you must do for your website:

It has been confirmed by Google that creating backlinks is one of the top 3 ranking factors that you must consider. But doing mass linking building without looking into its quality is a wrong approach by the SEO experts. Today, when it comes down to link building, the quality of the links matters the most.

So how to get quality backlinks? Here some of common link building practices:

  1. Researchful Link Building:

For creating a quality backlink, you must first have a quality content to pitch with. If your content is not up to the mark of the website owner, you will be rejected in the first round of the conversation. What’s more, it will create a negative effect on your website as well.

Before pitching anyone for creating backlinks, it is better to have deep-level research on the website and see what kind of content this site accepts. And then prepare content suitable for them. This way you will at least have a chance to score in the first round of conversation.

  1. Broken Link Building method:

The broken link-building method is one of the most popular techniques that all SEO experts follow. It is a method where SEO experts find websites having outdated links. They pitch them by highlighting the problems and then offer a solution by giving them their links. By doing so, you are not only creating a high-quality backlink but you’re also helping a website by highlighting their problems.

This method always works like a charm. As you are helping the website owners by highlighting their website’s mistakes and then helping them by providing a replacement. It is hardly possible for the website owners to say a “No” to such helping hands.

  1. Link Roundups:

Link roundup is one of the easiest and simplest ways of creating a backlink. And what’s the best part of this strategy is that your content is actually searched by the other bloggers.

There are many bloggers all around the world. Out of them some do content roundups. That means they look for the best content on the internet for their sites. You just have to identify them and have to pitch them with a piece of content. If they like your content then your content will get a chance to be featured on their site. This not only creates a high-quality backlink but it also improves your site’s authority.

  1. Check Competitors backlink:

The best way to create a backlink is to check your competitor’s backlinks. By doing so you will have an idea of what kind of website is suitable for your website for creating backlinks. On the contrary, you can also pitch those websites that your competitors have created backlinks with.

Hence, if you can get the majority of the websites that are linked with your competitor, to create backlinks with you, then you can have an upper hand on them. This will not only improve your search engines’ ranking but it will also help you get higher organic traffic.

  1. Keeping the old backlink alive:

It is very important to have all the past backlinks alive. You have worked hard for it, so why not put some extra effort to keep them active. It is necessary to keep tabs on the old backlinks on a monthly basis. This will help you to maintain the backlinks.

To do so you can use Monitor Backlinks. This is a tool that helps you keep tabs on all the links that your website has. It notifies you whenever a new backlink is created or an old backlink is removed.

This way you will be able to highlight the removed backlinks and can pitch again to those websites for creating a new backlink in place of the older ones.


Furthermore, you can leverage your link building by spying on your competitors. Only use smarter methods to create new backlinks. You can also use the tool Monitor backlinks to keep an eye on all the links that your website is connected to.

MashumMollahis the Founder at ‘blogstellar’. A passionate blogger by heart and an entrepreneur by profession, the ‘Blogging Engineer’ is on a mission to help people passionate about blogging transform their passion into full time businesses.

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