Tips for Creating a Website for Your Franchise Business

Every franchise business needs a website today to establish an online presence and carve a spot in today’s saturated market. In fact, building a website has become a necessity today as it builds credibility, attracts customers, and drives more sales. Moreover, online visibility is needed due to the rise of competitor sites and the need to stand out from other businesses within the same niche. Your brand’s website will dictate its values, image, and character.

In a way, it will represent your brand, retain your existing customers, and attract users to increase leads and boost sales. This is why creating a responsive website is of utmost importance. When it comes to marketing a franchise business, you must adhere to a specific audience and fulfill franchise corporate rules through your website.  Here are some useful tips to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website for your franchise business.

1.   Focus on Visual Identity and Branding

Needless to say, your brand’s website should be visually appealing as it imparts the first impression on any user. Since branding is crucial for every franchise business, it must reflect on your website. Since franchises already have the branding, visual identity, and logo in place, it is less work for you; you just need to focus on integrating it seamlessly into your website. While you are allowed to experiment and enhance your website, make sure that the franchise’s visual identity is retained to make it relatable to your customers. This also lets you shift your focus on the web design process instead of overseeing the graphic design.

2.   User Experience Is Important

Your website should be responsive and user-friendly, which is why the demand for proficient user experience designers is increasing with time. Additionally, your website must be responsive and optimized for every device. Since a major part of users is switching to mobile phones to search for a product or service, the UK-based web designers at Envisage Digital web design and development agency recommend building a website that is mobile-optimized. If you fail to provide an optimized version of your website, more than 40% of users will switch to another business within your niche. Hire a competent user experience and web designer who will comply with your needs and build a responsive website for your franchise business.

3.   Add Interesting and Informative Content

While a visually appealing website pleases your visitors, the only way to keep them hooked is by imparting valuable content. This has given rise to content marketing and blogging. Since you do not have to worry about the visual identity and branding of your franchise business, you can shift your focus on creating compelling content for your brand. In a way, it can also assist in shaping your social media strategy and increasing interaction between users and your brand. The success of social media marketing majorly relies on the type of content and level of engagement you create, which can also add value to your website.

4.   Consider Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a strategy applied to web development and social media pages to increase their rankings in search results. It uses a set of keywords and phrases that aligns with the algorithm of the search engine and helps your website rank higher. More than 70% of users do not scroll past the first page of search results, which is why your website must pop up on the first page. Online SEO tools generate relevant keywords to be added to image text, alt tags, and text content on websites. Top search engines like Google and Bing also rank pages based on the loading speed. SEO also helps build the credibility of your brand and attracts customers to your website.

5.   Design a Clear Navigation Menu

For every franchise business, providing clear local and national location addresses is a must. This can be achieved by designing a clean and crisp navigation menu. With the help of this feature, users can toggle between different store sites and find their nearest location.

Your website should provide details about your store location and clear instructions on how to reach there. If a potential customer is unable to find your site location, they may never return to your website. You can also create a separate landing page for your franchise branch and enlist details exclusive to your location. By doing so, you can easily reach the local audience.

Since there are multiple business franchise websites online, providing a responsive and engaging webpage is crucial. Even if your products or services are high in quality, a poor website will make it difficult for a user to reach you. Hire an experienced web design agency to make the process easier.

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