Three Franchise Veterans Team Up to Fuel Zorforum’s Growth

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Chapman and Friedman Will Partner with Zorforum’s Founder

After ZorForum’s successful launch earlier this summer, founder Dave Pazgan partnered with two franchise veterans – Graham Chapman of 919 Marketing and Stan Friedman of FRM Solutions and Sensible Franchising – to extend ZorForum’s reach and impact throughout the franchising community.

As partners, Pazgan, Chapman and Friedman bring more than 50 years of franchise experience to the table for all ZorForum members. However, Pazgan says that collective experience is just one of many reasons he joined forces with these two franchise leaders.

ZorForum is a great idea, but one that wouldn’t realize its potential without passionate people excited to spread the word,” said Pazgan. “Graham and Stan immediately grasped ZorForum’s power and quickly made moves to build the positive momentum we need to achieve our ambitious goals.  We’ve already hosted our first ZorForum meeting and expect to double the attendance at our next meeting later this month.  With the three of us working together, I have no doubt ZorForum will quickly become the game changer all emerging franchisors need to thrive.”

The trio hosted the very first ZorForum virtual peer networking meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd. Designed as a forum-style franchisor peer network encouraging collaboration between entrepreneurs, each attendee had direct access to experienced franchise leaders – like keynote speaker Rebecca Monet of Zorakle Profiles – and other emerging franchisors contending with similar challenges. All emerging franchisors in attendance shared rave reviews in Email and Slack follow ups with the group.

Friedman says ZorForum’s secret sauce is that combination of direct access to experts and knowledge sharing among peers.

“As soon as Dave began describing ZorForum to me, I could see the ‘a-ha’ magic of the concept – conference roundtables on steroids,” said Friedman. “The best parts of any meeting or conference are the intimate conversations with industry experts and other executives in similar roles struggling with tough challenges. ZorForum offers emerging franchisors daily access to those conversations via dedicated Slack channels while also offering the valuable face-time we all crave with the monthly forum-style meetings. I’m honored to be a ZorForum partner and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Chapman agrees and recently joined Friedman on the Franchise Today podcast to talk about ZorForum’s endless potential.

“Every successful franchise CEO has a ‘circle of trust’ – the specific people they turn to when they have questions or just want to share ideas,” said Chapman. “ZorForum helps emerging franchisors quickly add critical people to their circle of trust who know what it takes to succeed in the franchising world. I am proud to partner with Dave and Stan because I know all three of us share the same ultimate goal – to help as many entrepreneurs as possible master the franchise business model and get on the fast track to growth and prosperity.”

Backed by a “love it or leave it” guarantee, ZorForum membership starts at $495 per month, with no required long-term commitment.

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About ZorForum

Originally conceived as a meeting of the minds executive group in 2013, Dave Pazgan, Graham Chapman, and Stan Friedman have turned ZorForum into a leading peer sharing and networking platform for executives of franchise businesses. Members are afforded unparalleled access to the best practices and the brightest minds within the franchising industry through regular meetings and dedicated communication platforms.

ZorForum currently has an active group of franchisor executives from across the United States enrolled in monthly virtual meetings. Through expansive recruitment efforts, ZorForum plans to expand to over 100 members by January 2021.

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