This Young Entrepreneur is Living Her Dream with The Dog Wizard Franchise

This Franchisee is Living Her Dreams with The Dog Wizard

A Passion for Animals Attracted Jessica Howell-Young to the Dog Training Franchise

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Growing up in rural North Carolina, Jessica Howell-Young was always passionate about animals. She was a horseback trail guide and pursued a bachelor’s degree in animal science. She worked as a veterinary assistant and saw firsthand how their animals’ behavior impacted pet owners. Her love of animals and desire to help was what led her to The Dog Wizard franchise. “It’s incredible how much a dog’s behavior can impact someone’s life in positive or negative ways, and being a part of the journey to change that is more rewarding than I could have ever dreamed of.”

After attending the Dog Wizard’s full-scale dog training school, Howell-Young opened The Dog Wizard of Fort Collins, Colo., in 2014. She currently employs four full-time trainers and one full-time administrator. Howell-Young follows the mantra “quality over quantity” and has no plans for expansion to focus on creating the best experience for clients.

The Dog Wizard Business Model

Through various obedience programs (puppy, private, group, board and training, etc.), dogs are trained using a motivational system based on communication, consistency and trust to rectify their separation anxiety and aggression issues. Scent class, baby prep and socialization courses offer additional revenue streams. The Dog Wizard’s three franchise options include a mobile model, a brick-and-mortar option and a conversion program. In addition to online learning and business coaching, franchisees get hands-on experience at The Dog Wizard Academy training facility, where Howell-Young is a virtual instructor.

Overcoming Stereotypes

The Dog Wizard Franchise
The Dog Wizard franchisee Jessica Howell-Young with her family.

While training dogs and owning a business have been rewarding for Howell-Young, it hasn’t always been easy. “My biggest challenge has been setting boundaries about how much I was going to work and understanding the worth of my time and skill level. That has been a big lesson along the way in my career,” she says.

As a young female business owner, there have been times when Howell-Young felt that she wasn’t taken seriously. When she first started the dog training business, people were surprised that it was her full-time career and assumed that her husband owned the business. Despite these stereotypical reactions, Howell-Young’s passion for the business has never wavered. Under her leadership, her shop was recognized as the highest-grossing in the system in 2022.

The space you take up is just as important as anyone else’s. You have great ideas, but they must be presented in ways that can be heard.

Knowing Your Worth

Howell-Young urges women who want to be in leadership positions to know their worth. “The space you take up is just as important as anyone else’s. You have great ideas, but they must be presented in ways that can be heard,” she says.

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Leveraging Flexibility and the Love of Pets

Franchise owners with The Dog Wizard can own a mobile business, brick-and-mortar location, or convert an existing business. This allows business owners to train dogs in ways that make pet parents and their pets comfortable. An estimated 67% of American homes own a pet, contributing to the demand for training services.

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