This Passionate Entrepreneur Follows The Grout Medic’s Proven System

Following a Proven System Pays Off for this Grout Medic Franchisee

The Grout and Tile Restoration Franchise Offers a Green and Economical Alternative to Tile Replacement

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The Grout Medic franchisee Neil Chamness didn’t set out to operate a home services business when he started his search for a franchise opportunity. But after doing market research and analyzing the competitive landscape of his North Chicago area, he decided on the grout and tiling restoration franchise for its strong demand.

With rising remodeling costs for bathrooms and kitchens, Chamness realized that many homeowners in his area opted to preserve older tile or designs rather than renovate. “We come in and restore versus ripping it all out. I think the demand for these services will continue to stay strong,” he says. 

Since opening for business in August 2022, the passionate franchisee has embraced The Grout Medic’s marketing processes and quickly scaled his business. With support from parent company, Premium Service Brands (PSB), he meets with an administrator to best execute what’s outlined in the brand’s quarterly marketing playbooks.  

The Grout Medic franchisee Neil Chamness
The Grout Medic franchisee Neil Chamness

Chamness sets high expectations for himself and his team, which has already paid off. “We will likely exceed my original goal for the fiscal year by 30 to 40 percent. A lot of that has to do with PSB’s tools and support.” He notes that the CRM system, marketing team, and everything the franchisor provides made getting up and running much easier than he could have done alone.

Successes and Challenges

The Grout Medic franchise
Chamness poses with general manager Adam Jablonski (far left) after winning the Premium Service Brands Rookie of the Year Award.

Like every new business owner, Chamness experienced a learning curve in the beginning. One of his biggest challenges was building a team of home services workers since he was used to an office environment in his previous career in the consumer packaged goods industry. But he is figuring out what he and his team have done well and correcting things they’ve missed the mark on. “We’re excited that we’ve had a lot of success in the first year, and we look to take everything that we’ve learned and apply it to other markets in the future.”  

My goal was to scale very quickly, so I took everything that PSB put in front of me very seriously.

Fostering a Positive Culture

Chamness treats his team like family and takes the time to know their needs and what drives them. “My goal is to have us grow in this together and continue to expand. That takes a lot of hard work, but if we’re all in it together, everybody will gain.”

Following a proven system has paid off for Chamness. “My goal was to scale very quickly, so I took everything that PSB put in front of me very seriously.” 

The Grout Medic’s Services

The grout and tiling restoration franchise offers a myriad of services. These include:

  • Recaulking: The Grout Medic’s contractors re-caulk showers and tubs to give homeowners a clean look.  
  • Regrouting: This service removes missing, discolored, and damaged grout in showers and on countertops with tiled surfaces. 
  • Sealing: The Grout Medic’s contractors apply the brand’s proprietary, penetrating sealer to protect floors that have been cleaned and rinsed.
  • Color Sealing: With grout color sealer, homeowners can change or match the color of their grout without removing or replacing it. 
  • Water Damage Repair: This service can help homeowners avoid even costlier future repairs. 

About Tile Restoration

As the population rises, the global grout cleaning market will continue to be in demand. According to, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.43% from 2022 through 2028. While this benefits business owners, customers can save money by restoring their grout and tile instead of replacing it. These services are also eco-friendly, preventing environmental waste, pollutants and toxins in the air.

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