Express Employment Professionals Owner Continues Legacy

Second-Generation Franchisee Alyssa Chumbley Continues Her Family’s Legacy with Express Employment Professionals

The Second-Generation Franchise Owner Assists Job Seekers and Employers with Her Two Staffing Franchises

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As a second-generation Express Employment Professionals owner, Alyssa Chumbley knows the ins and outs of running a business. She was exposed to the staffing franchise as a child through her family’s “dinner table talk” and worked at the family office during her summers. This gave her indispensable insights into the successes and challenges of franchise ownership.

While many children of entrepreneurs step into their family’s businesses, Chumbley pursued her own career after college. Selling online advertising at a startup company and managing a team sharpened her sales and leadership skills, but the desire to raise a family prompted her to cut down on traveling and working long hours.

Chumbley knew the value and flexibility in franchising, so she joined the family business in 2016. “What I enjoy most about the franchise business model is the flexibility it enables for me as a business owner. I can run the business at whatever capacity fits my lifestyle, knowing that my backbone [the franchisor] will always be healthy.” She eventually opened a second location, both serving Northwest Indiana. She and her staff focus on administrative, advanced manufacturing, professional recruiting, and leadership training categories for both employers and job seekers.

We always get to be a light and glimpse of hope for individuals and families who are facing trials.

A Rewarding Business

Chumbley enjoys giving hope to individuals looking for work and helping businesses achieve their goals. She has seen firsthand the changing nature of the workforce where employees are increasingly dissatisfied. “We always get to be a light and glimpse of hope for individuals and families who are facing trials,” she says. “Whether we help people find a job or a new career, it’s the most rewarding experience to know you had a direct impact in one of the most valuable blessings in someone’s life. Every day, we get to change lives!”

Express Employment Professionals franchise
Alyssa Chumbley is a second-generation Express Employment Professionals franchisee. She poses with her father (above).

Chumbley says that the pandemic-induced phenomenon of employees leaving their jobs en masse has been particularly hard on companies with unattractive cultures. To turn this negative trend into a positive opportunity, Chumbley helps companies and human resource professionals focus more on retention needs. She believes that the business landscape will be transformed by technology with a competitive outlook on efficiency. “If we can offer quality service and be efficient in doing so, we will beat our competitors nine out of 10 times,” she says. Since the local landscape is contingent on the industries being served, Chumbley sees diversification helping Express grow and thrive, even during uncertain times.

Franchisee Success

To Chumbley, the key to being a successful franchise owner is the ability to empower leaders. “The team is capable of doing far more than I am as an individual. If I can duplicate my knowledge over and over, the business can run at even greater speed and frequency.”

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Staffing Industry Statistics

According to the American Staffing Association, about three million temporary and contract employees work for the country’s staffing agencies during an average week. Annually, 16 million temporary and contract employees are hired by staffing companies.

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