Texas Company Looking for Laundromat Investors

For anyone who wants to put their money into a safe and stable investment in south Texas, the supplier of the country’s premier laundry equipment wants to hear from you.

Pasadena, TX based Texas Laundry Service Company (TELSCO) is a distributor for commercial laundry equipment for the Speed Queen brand. But the company doesn’t just sell laundry equipment, it also helps people realize their dreams of owning their own business.

“We help investors build laundromats and we have several multi-store owners,” TELSCO president Linda Moore said during a recent interview from the company’s headquarters.

Whether investors choose to build one laundromat or invest in several of them, TELSCO will help them with the entire process, from finding a location, to designing the building to finding the right architect and contractors to build it. And they do all that for free.

“We do not charge a fee for that,” Moore said. “We do that to help the customers build their laundromats.”

Generally, investors will find TELSCO via the company’s website, where they can get an overview of what it takes to invest in a laundromat and how to get started. TELSCO will then contact the investor and find out what size of investment they want to make and if the investor already has a location or if they need help finding one. Once the investor has found a location, TELSCO will get a line drawing done for them that they can take to an architect to create a complete blueprint.

“We help with the design element to make it as affordable and as efficient as we possibly can, yet still very functional and attractive,” Moore said. “We can also help them with financing.”

Once the laundromat is up and running, it will be a Speed Queen equipped laundromat, but the investor is free to name their business whatever they choose.

South Texas

Started Aug. 1, 1983, TELSCO is concentrated in south Texas in the larger metropolitan areas like Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo and throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley. The company is looking for investors who want to open laundromats in those particular markets and throughout south Texas.

The company has both owner operators who take an active role in running their laundromats and hands-off investors who hire a management team to run their locations.

A typical investor for the company will have between $250,000 – $500,000 to invest and also have some business experience in the past so they know the ins and outs of running a business, Moore outlined. Investors should be willing to stick with the investment for at least a few years rather than looking for a quick turnaround. A Speed Queen equipped laundromat should provide a handsome ROI over three to five years and the company wants to work with investors who understand the value of sticking with an investment long-term.

Everyone Needs to do Laundry

What makes investing in a laundromat so lucrative, the TELSCO president said, is that it’s essentially recession-proof, as everyone needs to do laundry. With the stock market in a state of near-constant volatility, people are looking for something safer and more stable to invest in.

And since TELSCO helps with the heavy lifting of finding a location, the laundromat will have an even better chance at succeeding.

“We find markets where there is a need for laundromats to be built,” Moore said. “We find locations in those areas where laundromats can be built and then we help the investor out with the location.”

The Speed Queen Difference

What investors get when they choose Speed Queen is the premier line of commercial laundry equipment in the United States. Everything the company sells is built in the US in Ripon, WS and they have 32 years of experience building laundromats, the company president noted.

That experience is matched by the company’s willingness to embrace the latest technological innovations, which investors appreciate because it means they can keep track of their laundromats even when they’re off-site.

“If they’re at home, they can pull up their entire laundromat online, take a look at what’s down, how many times the machines have been run, what machines need repairs, start machines remotely,” Moore explained. “The machines are connected wirelessly to their computer through the Speed Queen Quantum network system.”

Additional Support

Even after their laundromats are up and running, TELSCO still offers their investors ongoing support. Twice a year, the company offers a free service school, where they bring investors or their staff in for an entire day and teach them how to service their own machines for simple repairs like belts and water valves. The company provides them with materials and specific hand tools they might need to do those repairs.

TELSCO also gives investors a 90-day labor warranty when the company sells the equipment to them and it also has a full-service parts and service department at all four of its corporate locations. This is in addition to the extensive parts warranty offered by the Speed Queen brand.

Investors who want to set up shop in south Texas in a recession-proof business are urged to call Texas Laundry Service Company.


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