Sweetfrog Sweetens Franchise Opportunity Options With Mobile Food Trucks and Trailers

Led by restaurants, the franchising sector is expected to grow by $36 billion in 2017.   According to the IFA’s Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2017, restaurants are expected to generate the fastest growth rate of any sector and will ultimately be responsible for 43% of franchising’s economic output and 59% of franchising’s 7.9 million employees.

One of the biggest reasons restaurants, including dessert concepts like sweetFrog, continue to outpace the rest of franchising?   “Non-traditional” franchise locations, like food trucks, which allow new franchise owners to capitalize on an increasingly mobile customer base at a fraction of the cost while still benefitting from the same brand recognition and corporate support traditional franchise owners receive.

Over the last year, sweetFrog has elevated mobile food in franchising by making their food truck and trailer a full franchise opportunity.   Here are three distinct advantages of “going mobile” with sweetFrog:

    • Unmatched Affordability – Lower initial and ongoing investment by eliminating countless brick and mortar costs and reducing staff count
    • Unlimited Marketing Potential – Turn your franchise investment into a mobile billboard
    • Unrestricted Sales Opportunities – Head straight to churches, ballparks, hospitals and local events to reach customers at the perfect time

To learn more about all sweetFrog franchise opportunities, please visit http://sweetfrog.com/franchise.

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