sweetFrog Shares Veteran Success Stories

sweetFrog Frozen Yogurt Salutes the Troops with Deals, Awareness Program

Veteran Parrish Thibault Shares Why sweetFrog was the Perfect Fit for Him

 May was Military Appreciation Month and sweetFrog, a leading national frozen yogurt franchise, stepped up to salute our troops in multiple ways. Widely recognized as an avid supporter of the military, sweetFrog consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure active and retired military personnel are honored as customers and franchise prospects.

sweetFrog – Raising the Bar on Veteran Franchise Programs

Each year, franchise companies across the country take time to honor service members during May’s Military Appreciation Month, and sweetFrog is no exception. Military personnel were invited to enjoy “Military Mondays” each Monday in May of this year – receiving 15 percent off of all in-store purchases at sweetFrog locations across the country.  Additionally, any active or retired military men and women interested in buying a sweetFrog franchise were offered $15,000 off their franchise fee throughout the month of May – double the offer that veteran franchise prospects receive throughout the year.

However, military service members don’t need to wait until May 2017 to feel the love at sweetFrog.  In addition to the military discount on franchise location purchases, sweetFrog has recently launched a Veteran’s Awareness Program.  The Veteran’s Awareness Program serves to educate veterans on franchise ownership and career opportunities in franchising.   Starting this summer, the sweetFrog team will travel the country to host seminars on military basis to give our nation’s heroes tips and insights on what is required to start a franchise or launch a new career in franchising.

Owning a sweetFrog franchise location is an ideal career choice for military veterans. Franchise ownership allows veterans to maintain independence as business owners, while still enjoying a sense of stability through the inherent support structures within franchise organizations. Franchises, such as sweetFrog, give new owners the tools they need to succeed and set veterans up for the business opportunity of a lifetime.

Shemar Pucel – Born to Support America’s Heroes

Active service members, veterans and even military family members have all thrived as sweetFrog franchise owners and executives. Such is the case with Shemar Pucel, manager of franchise marketing and development for sweetFrog. Pucel’s mother, uncle and grandfather all served in the US military. Pucel grew up surrounded by military personnel and is now engaged to an Air Force service member. So it’s no surprise Pucel is very passionate about honoring American service members, both active and retired.

Pucel is one of the key sweetFrog team members who worked tirelessly to establish a Veterans Awareness Program. This will be the second time Pucel has launched an educational program on behalf of a franchise brand that’s specifically tailored for military personal and emphasizes the many benefits of launching a franchise or working as part of the franchising community.  She hopes to inspire more military men and women to capitalize on the franchise business model – just like Parrish Thibault, a newly signed, South Carolina-based sweetFrog franchise owner.

Parrish Thibault – Fully Relying on God with sweetFrog Franchise

Like Pucel, new franchise owner, Parrish Thibault, is a sweetFrog veteran success story. Thibault was just starting his marine academy training in Long Island when he personally witnessed the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.   He was one of many passionate patriots who was inspired by the day’s events to make the commitment to join the army and quickly join the fight. Thibault volunteered to go to Iraq in 2006 for 14 months and he returned to the Middle East in 2012, serving on the ground in Afghanistan.  Similar to Pucel, Thibault grew up with strong ties to the United States Armed Forces as his grandfather served in the Army and his father served in the Navy.

After spending several years doing careful research on various franchise companies, including growth rates and ROI, Thibault is now the proud owner of a sweetFrog franchise location. He recently closed on his first sweetFrog location on April 29, 2016. He says he decided on sweetFrog because of the growth potential and the brand’s Christian “Fully Rely on God” culture built right into the name sweetFrog.  He has plans to open several more sweetFrog locations in the coming years.

Thibault is confident he will succeed as a sweetFrog franchise owner because he sees the franchise operation as a continuation of the ethics, both professional and personal, he learned from his time in the military. In order to achieve success, he believes any franchise owner must work hard, persevere in the face of hardships, and always strive be an efficient and reliable leader for his or her team.

As the leading national frozen yogurt franchise, sweetFrog is the ideal franchise for military service members. Known for its capable leadership and process-focused business model, sweetFrog has a structure that is familiar and reassuring to military veterans. Additionally, community is a central pillar to sweetFrog’s operation, which naturally appeals to men and women who have served our country. And of course, loyalty and support plays a crucial role in sweetFrog’s day-to-day operations. The company stands behind their franchisees and gives them every possible tool needed to succeed.

With a shared mutual trust, spiritual faith and incredible work ethic, sweetFrog’s executive team and franchisees, including veteran owners, make an unbeatable team.


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