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Definitive Software Solutions (DSS) is a software development company made up of highly dedicated and experienced employees who create software solutions for companies.

Located in Nebraska, the company has been operating for 14 months and launched its initial product line called Franchise View, which appeals specifically to franchises and their owner operators.

Its first development is a cloud based Franchise Resource Management tool exclusively for franchisees and franchisors.

“We have a product called Franchise View that was developed specifically for the specific locations from a centralized web application,” explained Brett Burch, lead developer of the software and a cofounder of the company.

The objective is to provide software and services that offer franchisees a means to manage their stores or companies.

DSS focuses on furthering companies and their initiatives while supporting a business to achieve goals in less time or create new technological objectives that increase the results of that company.

It is a franchise management system that gathers daily operational information from an unlimited amount of franchise sites. The information is collected from

a company’s PC based POS system all through a secured network that follows all procedures and policies.

Franchise View is completely cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. A franchisee can stay in communication with the franchisor easily and can manage their franchise from their home, while on vacation or anywhere in the world.

The software offers franchise management with a user-friendly concept. With a simple layout and easy navigation system, any franchisee will find it beneficial and easily functional. It also provides a simple setup and installation.

Multiple franchises can be managed easily, or one franchise can benefit from managing their location and keeping an organized view of the results and operations of their territory or location.

“We provide custom software development services and we can customize any type of solution for potential customers, being the franchisee or franchisor. We own the Franchise View software, so we can customize that as well providing additional information specific to any type of customer,” said Brett. “If there is custom reporting that they need, we can provide that to them because we are the makers of the software.”

DSS provides training and constant support for all users

“All of our support services and the application itself is 100 percent web based. Customers can work with us via the web page, through traditional email or over the phone,” said Brett. “We provide online training. We have a call center and a Franchising USA  support center. We have an online support system with frequently asked questions and things of that nature.”

Services are designed to support users, channel partners and technology partners. Although Franchise View is user friendly, sometimes larger companies may require additional training and custom training is available online or on-site. Custom training includes administrator training, end-user training and train the trainer.

Training is available via webinars or at a Franchise View designated location.

  “The objective is to provide software and services that offer franchisees a means to manage their stores or companies.”

There are currently 150 separate user accounts. DSS has a small full-time staff with a variety of diversified skills and experience who are able to remain flexible to all clients. An easily functional system allows anyone to be able to apply it to any particular franchise. The Franchise View software is also extremely flexible and can adapt to and accommodate any organization.

The staff is well versed in government liaison, project management, software engineering, software architecture, contractual management and various other positions. The team is able to accommodate any needs necessary to increase the value of a client’s business.

Franchise View allows the client to view company data anytime or anywhere, which is near real time. It provides inventory management, location information and store communication. There are shared calendars that allow visibility throughout all locations. The software provides project and activity tracking and reporting and centralized file management across stores.

Definitive Software Solutions provides state of the art technology that is consistently up to date. They remain dedicated to being an organization that employees want to work for, and companies cannot work without.

DSS also remains focused on customer satisfaction through successful results and by including clients throughout the procedure. DSS believes in creating well- established relationships with their own clients, as well as customers outside of the organization.

DSS is now a member of the International Franchise Association, which has created extra support for DSS and Franchise View.

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