Sport Clips Haircuts – A Franchise That Supports Our Nation’s Military Veterans

Sport Clips Haircuts is dedicated to supporting our nation’s veterans, and it has been a franchise focus since its founding by Air Force veteran Gordon Logan.

In its 22-year history, Logan has been the driving force behind the company’s culture of giving back and supporting those who serve.

Sport Clips is the “Official Haircutter” of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), offering veterans preferential pricing on haircuts and franchises; and the company has been named as one of the “Best for Vets: Franchises” by Military Times. Sport Clips team members, product partners and clients have contributed almost $4 million to support the VFW Foundation through its “Help A Hero” program to help deployed and hospitalized U.S. service members call home through the VFW’s Operation Uplink™ and to provide scholarships for veterans transitioning to civilian careers.

Sport Clips has supported, and currently supports, numerous veteran services organizations, including the Aleethia Foundation, which provides nights out at premier restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area for soldiers undergoing treatment/rehab at Bethesda and their families; Honor Flight Network, which provides WWII veterans the opportunity to see the memorials dedicated to their service in our nation’s capital, Arlington National Cemetery and other D.C. sites; Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, giving WWII Veterans, who reside in assisted living settings, and their spouses, rides in Stearman biplanes, which many of them trained in during their military careers; and equestrian therapy programs, among other worthwhile programs.

Sport Clips has worked with Wounded Warrior Family Support, building smart homes for disabled vets, and the Patriot Foundation, supporting families of Special Forces soldiers killed in action, among other worthwhile programs. The franchise has honored “The Lone Survivor” Marcus Lattrell at its national convention, as well as Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer. Sport Clips is also actively engaged in the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program, and Logan has served as the VetFran program chairman and veteran mentor.

In addition to offering a 20 percent discount off its franchise fee through the VetFran program, Sport Clips’ support structure for veterans is intensive, beginning with orientation in their local area, including one-on-one meetings, telephone support and on-line learning modules to provide a foundation for success. Sport Clips works closely with them to select the best possible location for their store, using an extensive data base of Client Behavior Profiles and connections with national and local real estate developers.  And, dedicated care is offered in helping younger veterans at start-up, a critical phase of their franchise career, to help them achieve their goals.

The three business skills that many veterans need to develop when starting a franchise are accounting/finance skills, team recruitment/development skills, and local marketing skills. Beginning six months before their scheduled store opening, Sport Clips holds weekly phone calls to review its “Store Opening Playbook,” ensuring that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and to answer any questions. The playbook has numerous checklists, which makes it very familiar for veterans.

Closer to the date of their first Sport Clips store opening, an intensive, week-long training program is held at Sport Clips’ headquarters that prepares them for the opening and operation of their first store. The week prior to and the week after their store opens, Sport Clips has two or more support team members on-site.

After opening, regularly scheduled site visits and telephone “check-ups” are held to ensure everything is operating smoothly. They are then enrolled into the POST Program, which picks up where the Grand Opening programs start to phase out, continuing Sport Clips’ intensive support structure for the next six months.

For any stores not meeting standards of performance and profitability after the first year, Sport Clips provides additional resources to help Team Leaders (franchisees) get on track. The success of these systems is reflected in Sport Clips’ Continuity Rate: Over the past five years 705 stores opened, of which only five stores have closed… a continuity rate of 98 percent. Currently, Sport Clips has more than 1,500 locations operating across the U.S. and Canada.

Sport Clips was founded by a veteran and has welcomed more than 50 veterans into the system as Team Leaders over the past 20 years. Sport Clips’ support and training systems prove successful over and over, especially for veterans who are uniquely well-suited for a highly-structured franchise environment due to their ability and willingness to adhere to a well-documented system with proven success – exactly what is trained over and over again in the military; understanding and appreciation of the value of teamwork — in the military the success of the unit depends on the success of each individual, and in many cases trusting your teammate with your life; and overall military training with missions that must be accomplished – failure is not an option.

Sport Clips supports, honors and thanks those who have served…truly a win-win for this franchise and our nation’s military veterans.

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