Soldierfit Franchise Creates Unique Military Fitness Model

Franchisees benefit from a tested business model primed for aggressive expansion.

When Danny Farrar and David Posin began SOLDIERFIT nearly a decade ago working out of rented gym space, neither imagined how quickly their militaryinspired fitness concept would spread. “We believed we had something special, but the amount of growth we’ve witnessed over the past five years has been truly incredible,” said Posin, co-founder of SOLDIERFIT.

Immediate franchise growth plans for SOLDIERFIT

Soon after launching its franchising opportunity this spring, SOLDIERFIT signed its first franchisee, a longtime member and follower of the brand. Harry Santucci will be opening a new SOLDIERFIT location in Ashburn,
Virginia, early fall 2015.

Additionally, SOLDIERFIT launched an innovative military veteran franchise giveaway called Mission: Fit to Own. The content runs now through the end of July and is open only to U.S. military veterans. SOLDIERFIT will waive the franchise fee and royalties for 12 months to a military veteran who possesses the drive and values it’s looking for in franchisees.

SOLDIERFIT also provides a generous 50 percent discount off the franchisee fee to all qualified veterans who join on as franchisees.

Posin’s background in managing multimillion healthcare clubs and Farrar’s passion and dedication as a U.S. Army veteran who served a tour in Iraq have lifted SOLDIERFIT from its humble beginnings to an ever-expanding fitness brand with multiple locations across Maryland and a soon-to-open franchise location in Northern Virginia. And this is only the beginning. “As we welcome franchisees, we anticipate opening at least 10 to 15 locations in the next few years, with exponential growth to follow,” Posin added. “Our expansion plans currently blanket the East Coast, extending north and south from our Maryland headquarters.”

In addition to Maryland and Virginia, SOLDIERFIT franchise expansion plans initially target Connecticut, Delaware, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.

What separates SOLDIERFIT from other fitness franchises

While SOLDIERFIT benefits from the growing popularity of gym and health club membership – the U.S. health club market is a $22 billion industry – the franchise distances itself from with an approach that’s more about attitude than appearance. SOLDIERFIT is a fitness organization based on military values that aims to educate its members on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and lives by its mantra ‘pride, not ego’. It helps members live healthy lives through boot camp classes, kids’ fitness classes, personal training, functional fitness and mixed martial arts in some locations. SOLDIERFIT’S unique, fast-paced, military-style workouts incorporate
strength, cardiovascular endurance, and core training. It’s all done in a teamoriented environment.

“We call our gym members ‘troops’ to help instill the team value and our overall mission,” said Farrar. “We’re about creating opportunities for our troops to become healthy people who carry the team mentality out of our gyms and into their everyday lives.”

The military theme extends from beyond members to the entire gym. Locations are often referred to as ‘The Fort’. A typical Fort features both indoor and outdoor facilities, including an indoor turf field, gym with equipment, showers, a pro shop, and a front desk area designed to look like the front end of a military vehicle.

Locations are usually situated in industrial or light industrial areas and average 7,000 to 10,000 square feet of space. Gyms are equipped with weights, a TRX resistance system, movable resistance objects such as tires and sleds, and a variety of cardio and toning equipment, including bicycles.

Why franchisees are interested in the concept

The SOLDIERFIT business model has a number of potential revenue opportunities. Revenue can come from boot camp classes; personal training programs; kids’ programs; customized training opportunities; and pro shop sales including branded apparel and an assortment of fitness accessories, plus nutritional food and beverage products. And, the customer base is quite broad.

“Our troops come in all levels of fitness experience and every shape, size and age group and include kids, mothers, teenagers, athletes, and even law officers,” said Farrar. “If you’re looking for a gym franchise that’s different from the rest of the pack, you’ll find what you’re looking for through our opportunity.”

For more information about the franchise opportunity, visit, email or call (240) 341-4126.

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