Soci Launches Ads Plus for Facebook and Instagram

SOCi Ads PLUS enables multi-location brands to quickly create and deploy social media ad campaigns across thousands of local pages

SOCi has launched SOCi Ads PLUS to make it easy for multi-location brands, and agencies to drive growth through localized social advertising, empowering national and local marketing teams to efficiently reach their local audiences and promote dynamic, localized ads across hundreds or thousands of locations in a matter of minutes.

Today Facebook Ads Manager is built for more advanced, national advertisers and doesn’t offer localized ad solutions across multiple locations. SOCi Ads PLUS fills this gap and simplifies distributed social advertising across hundreds or thousands of local Facebook pages. SOCi Ads PLUS enables national and local teams to create and save highly targeted local audiences or simply reach customers nearby their business locations. To stay on brand and ensure creative consistency, national managers can create and share dynamic ad creatives and libraries across local teams and agencies which can instantly be promoted across hundreds or thousands of locations.

SOCi Ads PLUS breaks down the barrier for distributing ads and budgets across thousands of ad accounts and pages. With dynamic images, text, and links, brands and agencies can easily get in front of their local audiences. SOCi’s intuitive reporting dashboard also empowers teams to track ad spend and performance at a national, regional, and local level, gathering key insights and elevating ongoing local advertising strategies.

SOCi Ads PLUS is available now on the SOCi platform.

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