Service-Based Franchising: A Pandemic-Resilient Opportunity

That attitude of resilience is what unfolded among many industries, organizations and small businesses across the country and especially for service-based franchises under the umbrella of BELFOR Franchise

Group (BFG), with several of its brands having record-breaking years in 2020. There are many lessons to be learned from home-services franchises, which are truly “essential” in good times and bad – let’s

dive into why there is no better time than now to join a service-based franchise.

Demand for a Hand

Homeownership skyrocketed in 2020, with the number of homeowners increasing by an estimated 2.1 million over the previous year, according to Census Bureau data. Additionally, as 71% of American workers

spent time working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Pew Research Center) this has created an unprecedented demand for a number of home service and safety offerings as residents looked to fix, update and transform the place where they now live, work and play. Therefore, creating increased opportunities for niche home service brands, and those known for being “handy.”

Exhibit A: The impact of the global pandemic has made indoor air quality a mainstream concern, and likely a demand long after the virus subsides. That’s a major reason why DUCTZ’s air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration services, provided by trained technicians using the latest equipment and tools are in such high demand to improve indoor air quality within homes and businesses. There’s also been a tremendous shortage of plumbers in the U.S., and Z PLUMBERZ – which provides professional, reliable plumbing services for everyday disasters, as well as emergency and preventive repairs and installations – is filling that void. After all, every homeowner relies on their plumbing system to work for their health, well-being and overall quality of life.

Perhaps the greatest success story of the pandemic is The Patch Boys, a drywall repair company specializing in small patch jobs or ceiling repairs that most home contractors avoid. Whether it’s caused by children bouncing off the walls, one misplaced whack of a hammer when hanging up a picture, or when a mover’s clumsy handling of furniture leaves a scrape or hole in the wall, drywall damage is an experience millions of Americans deal with every day. As a result, this is a high-margin business without significant competition, and The Patch Boys network has grown quickly and experienced consecutive months of record sales over the past year.

Why Join a Franchise?

If you’re thinking, this all sounds great, but why can’t I just start a similar business on my own?

Well, let me start by saying there are clear advantages among the many factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue franchising versus starting an independent business. In terms of finances, while purchasing a franchise typically requires a higher upfront cost, it also gives you immediate access to a reputable and often well-known brand name – helping to attract clientele and get the business up and running more quickly. It is of course an investment and should be considered carefully, but franchisees are granted the support, guidance, and experience to avoid common pitfalls and help any new owner start and grow a successful and thriving business.

There are also benefits around processes and guidelines. Typically, franchisees must follow a set of uniform guidelines when making decisions related to customer services, marketing, office design, product

purchases, equipment and employment. This systematic approach has proven successful for many years and across numerous other franchisees while still allowing business owners to manage the day-to-day operations and make their business their own. At the same time, franchisees like ours at BFG, are offered training services and equipment to ensure that they can tackle projects of any size and scope as well as guidance in marketing and new customer acquisition that can help a business get started and scale faster. In other words, franchise owners often get off to a faster start, gain stability, a reliable process and invaluable resources while maintaining the freedom to run their business as they wish.

No Better Time than Now

Making the decision to join a franchise requires a leap of faith, but it’s safe to say that service-based businesses will always be much-needed and in demand regardless of the economic cycle. In turbulent

times like the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recessions, and as we look ahead to the “return to normal,” homeowners will consistently turn to home services professionals for the technical skills and expertise needed to maintain their residence. For home-based tradesmen, there is no better time than now to join a service-based franchise for a fulfilling and high-demand career.

Douglas Smith is Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for BELFOR Franchise Group, where he develops and identifies franchise growth opportunities among 1-800 WATER DAMAGE,

Chem-Dry & Upholstery Cleaning, Delta Restoration Services, DUCTZ International, HOODZ International, N-Hance Wood Refinishing, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, The Patch Boys, and Z PLUMBERZ.

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