Screenmobile Plans for Rapid Growth Ahead

Screenmobile, “America’s Neighborhood Screen Stores,” begins 2021 ramping up for a strong year ahead. The brand comes on the heels of a pivotal 2020 amid a global pandemic, seeing a systemwide sales growth of about 20% from January through June. 

The announcement comes at a time of growth for the brand – over the past year, the brand has added 11 locations. And, Screenmobile has plans to grow into new markets like Castro Valley, Napa and Palo Alto, California; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Katy, Texas; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Additionally, in 2020, Screenmobile saw a boost in its customer interest with an average 50% increase in contact forms on its website for users, new visitors, and sessions from the previous year. 

“After a challenging year, we’re thrilled that we were able to thrive in the face of adversity,” said President and CEO of Screenmobile Scott Walker. “There is great opportunity in 2021 to continue to grow, and we’re excited that our brand is in the position to do it.” 

Screenmobile remains a proven, recession-resistant mobile franchise concept. The brand offers low overhead (with a quick ramp-up time) and has a seamless process to measure, manufacture, install and ensure a proper fit of the screens—all in one visit. Screenmobile brings quality, stylish screens and outdoor living concepts at affordable prices to home improvement projects across the country. It also specializes in security screen door installations. The brand’s unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience is just one way the company makes home improvement projects a breeze. 

From its inception in 1980, Screenmobile has experienced steady growth year after year. Today, there are 132 licenses across more than 29 states. 

The Walker family, Monty M., Scott and Monty L., had a vision of starting a brand that capitalized on the opportunity to become the first mobile screening company. Over the years, Screenmobile has gained a loyal customer base. The brand stands apart from other screening companies due to its low overhead, quick ramp-up time and familial spirit.

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