Scenthound Offers Franchises for Entrepreneurs Sniffing Next Big Opportunity

It’s the sweet smell of success for Scenthound owners Tim and Jessica Vogel, who are now offering franchises for entrepreneurs sniffing for the next big opportunity.

Scenthound’s wellness-focused/membership-based/recurring-income model of pet care will fetch strong earnings for grooming “scenter” owners, according to the Vogels.

Their concept differs from most groomers that focus on time-consuming, expensive haircuts. Most breeds don’t need their coats trimmed, but all require regular bathing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and nail trimming to stay healthy.

These SCENT (skin, coat, ears, nails, teeth) services allow owners to schedule quick, convenient, affordable visits to keep their pups clean and happy.

Scenthound currently has four rapidly-growing locations in Florida, and projects 65 franchise locations nationally in the next three years. An average 1,200-square-foot scenter will have 10 employees, serving 100 dogs on busy days.  The basic member service costs $25 per dog.

“I know how valuable mentoring can be when starting a company,” said Tim, an officer of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida.  “In this case, I’ve created the business, so I can teach new franchisees all the tricks I’ve learned over the years.”

Vogel credits EOSOFLO with much of Scenthound’s success.

“Tim has a keen nose for operations and efficiency,” said Jerry Katz, EOSOFLO president. “Scenthound franchisees will be in great hands to make their businesses a success.”

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