Sanondaf is a touchless sanitation and disinfection service system and the world’s franchise leader in the provision of disinfection services.

The company has not been born as an opportunistic COVID-19 solution, but has been developing and optimizing its system since its inception in 2011. Its system is not only ideal, as a solution, to fight COVID-19, but has been proven effective against an endless list of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. Sanondaf uses the latest technology and industry innovations for regular touchless disinfecting services and its products have been used effectively across various industries including aviation, transportation, medical, high tech manufacturing, offices, schools, care homes and many others.

The system uses a patented formula which is ideal for both surface disinfection as well as air disinfection for airborne pathogens. The system is also ideal for water treatment. Sanondaf provides various effective disinfection solution amongst which are the leading systems “SanoFog” a fogging device spraying a dry fog aerosol disinfection product centered around a heating and aerosolizing turbine and “SanoStatic” an electrostatic solution deployed via an electrostatic spray disinfection system for surfaces disinfection.  Solutions are FDA certified and kill 99.9999% of viruses (including Covid-19 and all known variants), harmful bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other microorganisms.

An expectation of cleanliness and sanitization has become the new normal. The world has spent the past year wearing masks and fearing an invisible killer in Covid-19, and we’re not done yet. Even once we’ve achieved the upper hand with this virus, there will still be new variations and other viruses to protect our family, friends and clients from.

Sanondaf’s disinfection solution is a tried and tested solution proven to be effective in disinfecting both enclosed and open spaces.  Sanondaf’s products may be used for domestic and commercial purposes, across different industries.  Sanondaf’s multi-channel applications provide strong, financially viable propositions in the following sectors:  senior care facilities, catering, day care centers, hospitals, physician offices, hotels and motels, office buildings, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, houses of worship, beauty and hair salons, transport vehicles, aviation, transport hubs/facilities, schools, universities, and any other facility where people tend to congregate in groups. 

Sanondaf franchisees will have the following things in common:

  • They will be entrepreneurial but value the systems, processes, and support that come with an established international franchise model

  • They will be trailblazers – excited about the opportunity to help bring a new (but necessary) concept to the United States and the financial opportunity that it offers

  • They will care about their communities and want to make community spaces safe and clean for their families, friends and neighbors

14050 N. 83rd Ave., Suite 290
Nature of Business:
Touch-less disinfection services
Association Membership:
Initial Fee:
Minimum Investment:
$92,100 – 141,100
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