Safety Habits Every Franchise Should Regularly Practice

Franchising is a huge trend worldwide. The ever-growing number of businesses that are looking to take advantage of a famous brand speaks for itself, with fast-food restaurants, personal services, and healthcare being the leading growth sectors. However, when you buy the rights to use a proven business model, its name, and products, you also take responsibility to work in full compliance with the high standards set by a franchisor.

Safety at the workplace is definitely one of the most important factors for the success and growth of every business, so let’s take a closer look at safety habits every franchise (depending on the industry) should regularly practice.

Fast Food Chain Franchises

Even though this industry is considered generally safe, employees (and many of them age 16 to 19) are often exposed to hazards that threaten their health and safety. Aiming to keep customers (and managers) happy, employees try to work at a lightning speed, which results in an increased risk of injuries. As explained by experienced personal injury lawyers at, when people are too busy and can’t pay proper attention to their surroundings, they can be seriously injured. Slippery floors, sharp knives, heavy trays are just some of the reasons that often lead to unpleasant consequences.

To prevent injuries at your restaurant, make sure your employees have all the necessary equipment that provides for safe working conditions. In addition to that, consider buying absorbent rags and squeegees and ask workers to wear non-slip shoes in order to prevent falls. In its turn, investing in the service equipment on wheels will help prevent serious injuries triggered by heavy lifting.

Construction Franchises

There is no dilemma, construction workers are one of the most vulnerable categories when it comes to workplace injuries. They are surrounded by different machinery, have to deal with a wide range of power tools, and almost every day come in contact with a host of hazards. Needless to say, the absence of safety habits can cost them dearly but you or your manager are in charge of ensuring that all necessary measures are in place. Always keep the construction site well maintained and free from wasted pieces of metal or wood to avoid slip-and-fall accidents.  Also, make sure the tools and equipment are in order and taken care of.

Health & Senior Care Franchises

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare employees are exposed to numerous occupational hazards, that’s why they are also at high risk of being injured. Although they work in a wide spectrum of environments, the injuries are basically the same: slips and falls, constant exposure to various diseases, unavoidable consequences of prolonged standing and lifting of patients.

Nurses are even more vulnerable than doctors and many of them end up with carpal tunnel syndrome and stress fractures, both are very serious conditions. In order to prevent or minimize the possibility of accidents, all healthcare workers have to undergo special training, no exceptions. They should strictly adhere to safety procedures and know how to properly use protective equipment.

School Franchises

Did you know that injuries are the main reason for emergency department visits for children and youth between 6 and 18 years old? The majority of those injuries happen at schools or educational centers. By the way, their teachers and classroom aides are also in the group of workers exposed to a high risk of being injured – if you have ever tried to separate fighting students, you know what we are talking about.

Schools have to promote smart risk management using different school-wide events and other opportunities to be heard by children. It is important to integrate the concept of smart risk-taking into a school’s culture through every possible channel as it’s often the most viable strategy that helps minimize chances for all sorts of accidents. It is also a good idea to develop an extra set of safety measures that will cater to the needs of both teachers and students.

Real Estate Franchises

Of course, your office doesn’t look like a dangerous place to work but believe it or not, even office employees can be injured. Lucky for you and your employees, those injuries are not life-threatening but still seek treatment: headaches, eye strain, and a variety of back injuries. What you can do? Try to provide your employees with high-quality chairs and computer screens.

No one can predict an accident but it’s possible to be 100% prepared for whatever comes. Developing and practicing safety habits is very important for every franchise because it sets up your business for growth and success.

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