Safety and Success Top Priorities for New Mosquito Control Franchise

A brand-new mosquito control franchise wants to improve the entire industry through better technology, better marketing, and improved safety.

Mosquito Mike provides mosquito, tick and flea control for homeowners looking to enjoy their backyards without annoying bites or worry of contracting dangerous tick/mosquito borne diseases.

The mosquito/tick control industry is seeing tremendous growth as a category. In addition to mosquito control becoming the new status symbol for homeowners who want to spend time outside, the increasing frequency and spread of Lyme disease, Zika, West Nile Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) is also driving growth.

“Mosquito Mike began as nothing more than a side hustle,” noted Mosquito Mike founder and CEO Michael Reynolds. Having built a successful independent seasonal tax service, Reynolds found himself with eight months with little to no business coming in. With little interest in bookkeeping, payroll or other desk related occupations, Reynolds applied as a pesticide applicator for a successful mosquito abatement franchise business. 

“That was a true eye opener,” Reynolds said of that experience. The lack of technology and complete disregard for employee safety made him realize that his business experience and marketing background placed him in an ideal position to come up with a better business model.  Reynolds spent the fall/winter doing research and planning. The following summer, Mosquito Mike commenced operations and offered an alternative to the existing mosquito spray businesses.

Having felt the early effects of pesticide poisoning while being discouraged from wearing masks or other protective equipment, Reynolds knew that employee safety would be the first priority.  Mosquito Mike provides its applicators with moisture wicking long sleeved shirts, light weight caps, gloves, eye protection, and protective masks to ensure their well-being. In addition, Mosquito Mike uses pickup trucks rather than the trendy open cab vans that permit pesticide applicators to breath in the chemicals all day.

“Providing workers with a safe working environment is paramount to having a happy, successful, and motivated workforce and is the right thing to do,” Reynolds stated.

Next, Reynolds continued to investigate new technology and consistently discussed with his staff ways to improve on the quality and delivery of Mosquito Mike’s services. By adding an “Instant Pricing Engine” to the website Mosquito Mike became the only franchise to offer prospective customers the ability to get immediate, automated property measurements, price quotes and even purchase services online.

With an emphasis on video to answer customers most frequently asked questions, Mosquito Mike is looking to improve closing ratios while reducing time spent on the phone. This allows franchisees and their team to use time more efficiently.

In addition to the website, Mosquito Mike offers a series of tools that assist the office personnel to work seamlessly with the technicians out in the field. Automated scheduling and routing tools streamline operations and reduce fuel costs while the in-truck GPS and phone app allow for up to the minute field status updates when needed.

Looking for the right people

Reynolds said the franchise is going to take on a limited number of franchisees this year to make sure they are giving all of them the attention they deserve.

His ideal franchisee is someone who has management, sales, customer service, military or small business ownership background. Mosquito Mike offers a 15 percent discount off of the franchising fee to veterans.

Franchisees can expect 38 hours of combined training split between a classroom and field work in a truck. The training takes place at the corporate office in Fall River, MA.

Although this is a home-based business, a franchisee will want to have at least one other person helping them because work can pick up fast.

Once franchisees have opened their businesses, Mosquito Mike can provide a designated supplier for call center services and will provide initial and ongoing support to help franchisees grow their Mosquito Mike business

“One of the great things about this business is that it’s relatively easy to learn,” Reynolds said. “So, when they walk out of training, they’re going to feel confident they can do this, but we’re going to be available when they need a little bit of help.”

Another big advantage that Mosquito Mike has over its competitors is that franchisees’ marketing spending will go much further with the company. Reynolds has a background in marketing and has developed effective strategies to gain customers. Over the years, he has negotiated favorable rates with vendors and as a member of the Mosquito Mike franchise system, you will be able to take advantage of these rates. In addition, the company will handle most of the marketing for franchisees allowing franchisees more time to serve customers rather than obtaining them.

“I feel that we have a better product to offer than what’s out there currently,” he stated.

Built to Prosper

Above all else, Reynolds wants his franchisees to be successful. The CEO said he sees a lot of people who have worked as mosquito sprayers open their own business and they’re gone after a season because they don’t realize that there is more to the business than just spraying. You need processes and systems in place for it to run smoothly.

“What I want is for each franchisee to make a really good living and to build equity for their future,” he said. “What I want is their success story.”

Seasonal attraction

One last draw for franchisees, Reynolds noted, is that Mosquito Mike is a seasonal business when operated in northern states (generally running from April to October) with high growth potential and recurring revenue that gives people plenty of time to pursue other interests.

“This franchise offers a tremendous amount of flexibility,” he noted. “This opportunity has the ability to offer franchisees time to spend with family or however they wish.”

In fact, he has one potential franchisee who he is speaking with that is excited at the prospect of getting the entire hunting season off.

With an emphasis on safety, technology and success, Mosquito Mike offers an essential service business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want a high-growth, recurring revenue business doing something everyone loves — getting rid of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Mike, based in Fall River, MA, opened in 2017 and just started franchising this year.  The company is currently set up for franchising in 28 states throughout the US.

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