Safe Homecare’s Denver Franchise Brings in Over $1 Million in Revenue Within 6 Months

SAFE HOMECARE (acronym Support Assistance For Elderly) is celebrating success of its Denver franchise exceeding revenue of $1 million in the first 6 months of its second year of operation! ($1,063,363 first 6 months of 2018 per FDD).

In 2017, SAFE’s CEO Jeff Krueger, an attorney and CPA, pulled back on the reins of his enthusiastic team of tenured business professionals, and insisted that they launch and prove the SAFE HOMECARE franchise model in one entirely new location and market to “prove to ourselves, as much as others, that our turn key model, concepts and strategies designed to tap into this exploding market, with minimal capital requirements, was everything we believed,” said Jeff Krueger, the CEO.

The Denver SAFE HOMECARE franchise commenced operations in early 2017 in a highly competitive and established market.

“We wanted to test our model in an established and mature market, where, as the new kid on the block we wanted to take a sophisticated and developed market head on to see, and show, we were made of.” said Adam Krueger, SAFE’s COO of Franchise Operations.  “Instead of just saying we know what we are doing, we can now back it up with empirical data.”

As a consequence of the tremendous success of the Denver Franchise location, SAFE has internally greenlighted the introduction of SAFE HOMECARE to the franchising world.

To learn more, visit or call 855-953-SAFE (7233).

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