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Founded in 1991 by a 21- year-old individual, Renue Systems is now a unique and highly recommended cleaning franchise.

Originally the company cleaned carpets in houses and restaurants in the Chicago area. Over time it grew and eventually partnered with a hotel, where the founder discovered his passion as well as a better business model. Focusing on the hospitality industry has allowed Renue to develop a system and process exclusive to hotels, which has created more success through recognition within the field.

Once known as National Appeal Carpet, Renue now holds preferred vendor relationships with some of the biggest hotels throughout the country including: Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Best Western, Wyndham and Fairmont.
They provide state-of-the-art deep cleaning and restoration services while adhering to the live and busy environment
of the hotel industry.

Renue began licensing in 1999 and started franchising three years later. There are nearly 30 franchises throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and it recently signed a franchise in Qatar in the Middle East.

“It’s a big focus of ours to have more franchises in the U.S., as well as overseas. When we say franchise, we give out large territories, it is typically one per city. While we can cover most of North America with our current franchise network,” explained President, David Grossman, “as we continue to broaden our geographic footprint we make ourselves more valuable to our international customers. Thus, we boost our name recognition and reputation and increasethe value of the Renue brand,” he added.

There are 18 locations available in North America, including some especially large territories. Renue is looking into approximately a dozen other countries to begin franchises with a balanced priority between North America and overseas.

Almost anyone can become a franchisee through Renue Systems, in fact a candidate does not need any background in cleaning or hotels. It is a system that can be easily taught by the home office.

“Internationally, we seek larger parties, but in the U.S., we are looking for owner operators who can oversee a small team of blue collar workers, yet spend most of their time interacting with white collar customers with our support. Someone who is very marketing orientated, proactive and small business oriented. Personality is important since we work closely with our franchisee partners. We target people we can work well with,” said David. “There is no cold calling in this business but we really do want owners to spend a lot of time marketing to hotels with our support.

After all, we are in the customer service business, which is the same business as our customers.”

With a specialized focused on hotels, Renue has developed a system that is specific to the hospitality business. “There are a lot of cleaning companies. Some focus on homes and commercial establishments but because we ocus almost exclusively on hotels and have cleaned more hotel rooms, we believe, than anyone – we have gotten good at it,” said David. “Hotels are different than other types of customers for obvious reasons, they never close. It’s not like an office building where you can go from 5 pm to 9 am, for example. We are always workingin a live environment. We are always coming into contact with our customers and our customer’s customers, so our team of workers has to be very professional and reliable.”

The importance of cleanliness
Social media and the Internet have become a part of everyday life and customers use it to research which hotels they will book. It has become obvious that the customer’s main concern is cleanliness. David said that by having Renue Systems a part of the hotel’s cleaning process, it can ensure a satisfied customer.

“If you look at websites like tripadvisor and social media outlets – a big issue that guests have is cleanliness. Increasingly, hotel managers see the importance of keeping their hotel clean. Hotels, by and large, are not equipped to do this work.

Some do it and some try to do it but they are not experts in the type of work we do, which is deep cleaning. It typically costs them more to do it in-house and the results are inferior for the simple reason that deep cleaning is our core focus versus one of many different important tasks of our hotel customers,” said David Renue’s services are not housekeeping; rather their work is periodic throughout the year where they do the heavy lifting and the deep restorative cleaning. They clean anything from the carpet in the guest’s rooms to the hallways, to the furniture, to drapes as well as the tiles in the bathroom. They even restore marble. Renue specializes in removing odors including pet, smoke and cooking odors. The company has its own equipment and chemicals which are manufactured specifically for the job at hand.

“The quality is going to be a lot better having an expert perform this work because it is not a core function of the hotel. Running a hotel is very chaotic-there are hundreds of things going on, it’s almost like fire fighting,” explained David.

“If they can call us to take care of their deep cleaning needs and they know it can get done and they will not have to manage the process while having good results that are cost effective, it’s less for them to worry about.”

More than just a cleaning company
“We are very sensitive to the hotel industry and how it functions because we are dealing with a live environment and will run into guests from time to time,” said David. “Also, by focusing on the hotel industry, we have developed very strong relationships with most of the well-known hotels. We became their preferred vendor after they did their research. We do high quality work and they know it’s the most cost effective solution for their hotels.”

Renue Systems believes an important aspect of the franchise is support. There are two areas in which they help: technical work and marketing. The technical work involves how to actually perform the services. It is a week and a half of intensive training in the home office located just outside Chicago. If the franchise is overseas, they will travel internationally to that location. The training is also performed live within hotels so the franchisee can see exactly how the services are performed in an active environment. There are visits from time to time after the franchise is up and running and constant availability through e-mail and telephone.

Marketing is made easy through relationships with reputable hotels. Associated hotels are encouraged to help market the Renue Systems facilities.

Several team members in the home office will contact hotels within the franchise’s area to create a local presence and ask to meet with the hotels.

“Soon after we open the office, we make all these contacts and we send someone from our home office, often it is myself. We spend a few days going around making the initial meetings so the franchisee feels comfortable doing them. We will set up a number of these over the next few months until they meet a lot of the hotels,” explained David. “We encourage them to do a demonstration, where we clean an area or a small room, to show the quality of the work. We find that process goes a long way with starting a relationship with that property and ultimately getting to do some work with them. From there we build on the relationship through our quality, reliability and responsiveness as their expert whose purpose is to assist them with all their deep cleaning needs.”

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