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Red Mango is growing. And so is its menu. This summer the chain celebrated its 300th location with an Open House tour and free tastings at Red Mango Yogurt Cafe & Juice Bar in Oak Park, IL. The new store design represents the franchise opportunity for Red Mango moving forward, and is an elevated cafe concept that expands the brand well beyond its world-famous froyo and smoothies.

That has franchise owners like James Taglia, who opened the 300th location, excited about the connection Red Mango is making with more customers wanting more healthy choices. A resident of Oak Park, Taglia became a fan of the brand when he and his wife were introduced to Red Mango frozen yogurt by their children.

Looking for a business to own and operate, Taglia not only joined a leader in the frozen yogurt arena, but also became a pioneer for where the chain is headed.

Complete with a stylish juice bar, more seating, and an expanded menu, Red Mango is now serving fresh cold-squeezed juices made-to-order, as well as flatbread sandwiches, wraps and salads under 500 calories. The experience extends the healthy profile of the brand known for its award-winning yogurt and smoothies, and invites business for more occasions beyond frozen treats.

But the company is not done yet. Red Mango also introduced a line of cold-brewed iced coffees and lattes across the U.S., garnering national attention with business media for its evolving options for customers. Following the launch, the company was featured on Bloomberg TV, interviewed by Fortune, and profiled in the Dallas Morning News about graduating beyond the frozen yogurt world.

“In understanding how important the taste of coffee is to American consumers, we made the key decision to use only roasted Lavazza beans, grinding them onsite at each store location, and utilizing this cold-brewing system,” said Jim Notarnicola, vice president of marketing for Red Mango. “Across the United States, we will be the first large franchise organization to use this artisanal method.”

Being first is something Taglia is already enjoying. He says his Red Mango Yogurt Cafe & Juice Bar is a hit with customers. And existing Red Mango franchisees agree. Some 85 percent of Red Mango locations that don’t have lease restrictions will remodel their locations to the cafe format. Those updates should be completed by early spring.

With more than 320 open locations across the Red Mango chain and rapid development in the pipeline, the company motto to “Treat Yourself Well” will be doing just that for more franchise owners and loyal customers long into the future.

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