Redbrick Pizza Amps up Menu to Offer Better-For-You Pizza Selection

In a study conducted by The Center for Generational Kinetics, 68 percent of pizza lovers exercise twice or more per week. In the same study, people under the age of 35 thought factors involving perceived health and environmental issues were important, such as gluten-free options. As Millennials continue to dominate consumer spending and decision-making, more companies are moving to accommodate their inclination towards living healthy, active lifestyles. RedBrick Pizza is amping up its menu to better serve a wide variety of dietary trends with a menu aimed at offering a better-for-you pizza selection, including their popular gluten-free pizza. RedBrick Pizza has always been about giving pizza lovers a healthy pizza baked in a traditional brick oven in 3 minutes or less. Today, RedBrick Pizza continues to be committed to accommodating all dietary preferences and needs with made-to-order vegan, dairy free, vegetarian options, multi-grain options and more. As gluten-free continues to boom in the restaurant industry, RedBrick Pizza is creating delicious gluten-free pizza using top-quality all natural ingredients and organic tomato sauces. RedBrick Pizza’s quality menu offerings centers around the idea of creating pizzas that reflect the increase in demand for healthy eating options customers can get fast and at a good price.

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