Red Mangokicks off 2016 With Its New Juice Plan, Raw6

Red Mango® Yogurt Café Smoothie & Juice Bar wants you to Treat Yourself Well® in 2016 with an expanded lineup of healthy products and the launch of a new one-day juice plan –Raw6™.

Carefully crafted by Red Mango juicing experts and an accredited registered dietitian nutritionist, Raw6 is a one-day nutrition plan loaded with antioxidants that may help boost immune function, combat free radicals, and increase energy levels, in addition to providing nutrients needed for optimal health. Unlike juice cleanses or detoxes that can be detrimental to the body’s metabolism and blood sugar levels, Raw6 is comprised of a well-balanced combination of four fresh fruit and vegetable juice combinations, one nut or soy milk, and one enhanced flavored water, paired with recommend snacks and a well-balanced meal to help increase nutrient intake and improve overall health.

Raw6 includes: Raw6™ Resist, packed with Vitamin C; Raw6™ Recharge, rich in Iron; and Raw6™ Revive, rich in Magnesium. The juice plan will be sold in select Red Mango stores nationwide.

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